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Your Long Weekend Destination: Oddisee Music and Arts Festival

Your Long Weekend Destination: Oddisee Music and Arts Festival

Mynila Team August 18, 2019 Music & Culture

The first edition of Oddisee Music and Arts Fest will take place at Filinvest Mimosa+, a sprawling 201-hectare property naturally blessed with a backdrop of mountains, trees and shimmering lakes.

Take a close look at the artists that will perform on August 24:

Manila based Dayaw: a sharp yet caramelised fusion of worldbeat, jazz, rock, and Latin music. An earful of their unparalleled sound and a superb performance is what you’ll get from this 9 piece!


Photo: Tracky Aganinta

The 5 piece Neo-Soul/RNB band from Manila, DANIDEA is already making an impression in the metro’s local scene.


The Cosmic Misfits is a six piece Paranaque based band with hits ‘Sangang Daan’, ‘Homebound’, and their latest single ‘Idlap’ being added onto a lot of playlists. 


Photo and Edit: Miggy Abesamis and Dee Cruz

Blues funk rock group Ube Music performs with an attitude. It’s the right kind too, because the band is all about having a good time. Their catchy tunes will get your head bobbing and that face of yours smiling. 


Singer songwriter Paolo Sandejas is one of the newest addition to the lineup! He recently just released the music video for his single ‘Sway’.


Rock group Barangay Breakfast Club better known as “BBC” released their single ‘Brand New Day’ earlier this year.


DJ Joey Santos is known for his fun party sets! His love for both commercial and underground electronic music proved to be an interesting dichotomy – letting you experience both ends of the music spectrum manifested in his schizophrenic and seemingly chaotic live sets filled with both easy-access dance gems and challenging electronic cuts. It’s all about having a great time when he’s on!


Up and coming music producer with eclectic musical influence, Wicked Adobo is one that can attest to the cliche that it is never too late to live one’s passion. In just over a year, he has released numerous tracks with varied styles and genre thru music streaming apps.


Never the Strangers: their music blends the textures of new wave with the emotive force of ballads to power their style of pop.


With an energetic mix of funk, soul, and hiphop, The Metro Fantastic, a 7-piece collab, is sure to get you going setting the right grooves and the good vibes!


You’ve been missing out if you haven’t heard of sibling duo Ysanygo. Listen to The Laguna based synth pop awesome twosome  hits ‘Friday Afternoon Drive’, ‘Fading To Black’, and ‘Even in an Alternate Universe’.


Photo: Andrea Genota Photography

South based Titomo are ready to rouse the crowd with their unique fusion of neo-soul, blues, spoken-word, hip-hop, and rock.


Soul, r&b, and gospel duo allen&elle is beginning to make waves in the metro’s music scene and they’re ready to bring out their harmony and soul!


Lola Amour is a 7-piece band that dabbles in the genres of modern rock, funk, and pop, who’s got us singing along their songs ‘Pwede Ba’, ‘Sanity’, ‘Maybe Maybe’, and ‘No Tomorrow’. 


Photo: Danica Lukban

Up and coming Manila based indie-alternative, folk-pop band Indayo has been in the music scene since 2013.


The 5 piece boogie fusion Basically Saturday Night, across a backdrop of upbeat blues and a bouncing bass line, will mesmerize you with their set. Listen to their hits ‘El Poder’, ‘What’s That Driving Song?’, ‘Runaway Man’ and ‘Chemical Love’.


Four piece indie alternative band Carousel Casualties will create magic during their live performances. Listen to their tracks ‘San Junipero’, ‘Leona’, ‘Flats’, ‘She’s A Mystery’, and their 2019 release.


Manila based indie rock group Oh, Flamingo! Will rock the stage with their hits ‘Reflections’, ‘Two Feet’, ‘June’, ‘Bottom of This’ and their latest single ‘Four Corners’.


Leanne and Naara is a musical duo that offers something new with a hint of the old and timeless. Their writing, chemistry, and soulful harmonies are just some of the things that make their sound unique.


Photo: Raliugaleinad

Five piece band based in Manila known for the coined “makata pop” to describe their signature sound, Munimuni, has finally released ‘Kulayan Natin’. Watch artists brigten up the venue with colorful artworks!


Photo: Nukie Timtiman

Manila based 6 piece indie folk band, The Ransom Collective, If you haven’t heard, they’ve just released their latest single ‘I Don’t Care’.


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