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WSK and Kwago Team Up to Gather Punks and Geeks in a Print and Zine Fair at Casa Manila

WSK and Kwago Team Up to Gather Punks and Geeks in a Print and Zine Fair at Casa Manila

Mynila Team October 23, 2019 Music & Culture

Local independent bookstore Kwago and international electronic music and arts festival WSK Festival of the Recently Possible organized a gathering of local and international print and zine artists in the AFK Print and Zine Fair, happening this Sunday, October 27, at the Loggia, Casa Manila, Intramuros.

AFK, an abbreviation for “away from keyboard,” is an invitation to move away from the virtual world for a while to celebrate the beauty and authenticity of print and physical interactions.

“We wanted something that insinuates our love for technology and print. We are mostly on our screens as geeks and we wanted to invite every geek out there to spend their Sunday with us and hold a face-to-face conversation,” says Czyka Tumaliuan, founder of Kwago.


The WSK Festival of the Recently Possible serves a platform for the DIY movement and independent community for sound artists here in the Philippines and abroad. Preoccupied with the principle that technology, sound, and art work hand-in-hand to create innovative applications of new technologies, WSK, like Kwago, shares an affinity for experimentation and failure.

“I really love the affinity of WSK with the DIY movement and community here in the Philippines. Most of the musicians and punks I know in WSK have done a zine or collect prints. The underground music scene and DIY publishing community have always been very tight and supportive of each other. It really made sense to work with Tengal [director of WSK Festival],” says Tumaliuan.

With over 35 print, zine, and F&B vendors (including Art ATAK, GuniGals, Lylet Soliven, NALA.PXL, itsmeowra and friends, Richard Moratin, Black Cat Books & Music, United Cassettes, Typosaurus, Ica Felipe, Mx. Mel and Ms. Juares, ToadieTechnika, Marguerite Alcazaren De Leon, A Smiling Agony, Joshua Patrick T. Pedregosa, Sejuru, Makô, Carl Cervantes, Annix Sarmiento, Greco Milambiling, Archives and Analogs and more!) AFK Print and Zine Fair will also feature a tape deck lounge where visitors can chill while listening to cassettes tapes played by United Cassettes and Black Cat Bookstore, with drinks served by Bo’s Coffee and Drunk Barista. Hand-poke tattoo artist Alyanna Ridimann will also be in the fair to do original tattoo designs on visitors.

Featuring international zine artists such as Poop Press and  Indonesian Visual Art Archive, AFK Print and Zine Fair also serves as the WSK X closing day event, with the WSK festival closing concert happening later that night at Rajah Sulayman Theatre, Intramuros. AFK Print and Zine Fair is supported by The Time of Assassins Literary Guild.

Door fee for AFK Print and Zine Fair: PHP100


Kwago is a Manila-based independent bookstore that offers a highly curated collection of used and new books. It aims to provide a platform for local publishers and writers to reach a wider audience both here and abroad. It’s vision is to have a reading nook in every Filipino home.


WSK is a platform where advances in emerging art forms and innovative applications of new technologies responds to cultural and social thought.  WSK—a modern disembowelled form of “wasak”, which means “shattered” or “destroyed” in Filipino—is the first and only annual international art festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital, and experimental art.

Cover Photo: illustration by Makô, (IG: mako.lagotka)