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Wanderland Magic: Mynila Meets Gabrielle Aplin

Wanderland Magic: Mynila Meets Gabrielle Aplin

Mynila Team March 25, 2019 Music & Culture

As the magic of Wanderland 2019 sets into the horizon we catch up with UK artist Gabrielle Aplin.

Gabrielle’s performance was one of our highlights – stargazing us with ‘Waking up Slow’ & ‘Say Nothing’ her debut performance had us in awe. We catch up with Gabrielle to discuss her creative side and future plans.

Hi, Gabrielle! Was this your first time in the Philippines? How was it like
playing in Wanderland?

It is! It was wonderful. I can’t believe how many people turned out for my
set and sang along!

We’re obsessed with ‘My Mistake’. The lyrics and melody get us every
time. What were you thinking of while writing the song?

The song is about not trying. We didn’t have the energy that day so it’s
about that!

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The video is amazing, too. Please tell us more about it.

It was a super fun video! I wanted to make something magical and
insular. I wanted it to be reclusive but positive.

You’re incredibly good at playing the piano and guitar. If there’s
another instrument you would like to learn and play onstage, what
instrument would that be?

I would love to learn the cello!

Out of all your YouTube covers, which one is your most favorite? Why?

Oooh. It has to be You Me at Six – The Liar and the Lighter. It was the
cover I did when I really noticed I had a following.

If you were to collaborate with another musician, who would that be?
I’d love to work with kyary pamyu pamyu!

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You’ve definitely come a long way, from releasing ‘Never Fade’ in 2011
to ‘My Mistake’ last November. You’ve matured and your sound also
evolved. What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned as an artist?

The greatest thing I’ve learned is that the way the industry runs is always
evolving and changing. You have to be malleable and you can’t control
it, so you have to kinda go with it.

What are your plans after touring? Do you plan on releasing an album

I’m currently working on finishing up my 3rd album. We’re at the fun
stage now. Making visuals and designing how I release it into the world
is one of my favourite parts of the process.

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