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Unique & Locally Made Gifts Ideas for Christmas!

Unique & Locally Made Gifts Ideas for Christmas!

Mynila Team November 15, 2018 Food & Drink

Christmas presents are even more meaningful when they’re locally crafted with love. Mynila team chose 6 products your friend and family will definitely love!


Botanica‘s spice kits will make every gin & tonic lover giddy, simple, handy and definitely full of flavor!

Each kit comes with 6 botanicals:

  • Cinnamon stick
  • Pink Peppercorn
  • Green Cardamom
  • Juniper Berries
  • Hibiscus Coriander

Each vial serves up to 15-20 glasses (or even more depending on user). The box has a magnetic flap to make sure your spices are well sealed. A little black box is always a good idea! Toss in a simple ribbon, a heartfelt notecard and you’re all set to go!



Locally sourced, grown hydroponically, infused for the world, these are Manila’s finest elixir of life!

Double distilled coconut rum otherwise know as Lambanog, infused with the freshest and cleanest herbs grown hydroponically without pesticides at Urban Greens, the local farm in the heart of Poblacion in Makati! The bottles are crafted with the finest leather and Filipino fabrics.

mynila_urban_2 mynila_urban

Basil infused lambanog

IG: Urban Legend PH


Philippine’s Best Hot Sauce and 2017 World Champion!

GARAPAL HOT SAUCE uses Native Labuyo that is sourced out from local independent farmers. The founders aim is to encourage people to plant Native Labuyo and help them earn from it. GARAPAL HOT SAUCE uses a special process that balances heat and flavor thus creating it’s unique experience of inoffensive spiciness.

The heat level can be compared to a SUMMER LOVE, before you know it, it’s done. It’s gone. Like a one night stand. No commitment. No strings attached. Support your Local Pride!



The triplet box can be the perfect gift!
Bawang Hot Sauce (Garlic)
Usok Hot Sauce (Smoked)
Kape Tsokolate Hot Sauce (Coffee Chocolate)

FB Garapal Hot Sauce

Bzzz PH

mynila_bzzz_3 mynila_bzzz_4 mynila_bzzz_5

bzzzPH is 100% pure,unadulterated, harvested by locals from up North of the Philippines.
Besides from their labored with love packaging, what makes this honey different from others is its bright and citrusy taste.
A good substitute to sugar, which makes it less guilty to have a little sweetness in our life. And as you support us with their business, you are also helping the livelihood of the locals from up North.
They chose to use eco friendly packaging which supports the #buhayzerowaste, #notoplastics & #ReduceReuseRecycle programs.


Inspired by the country’s rich drinking culture, Barik built their brand around a simple idea: that drinks, and the good times they bring, are meant to be shared. There is a deep Filipino word for this, and that word is barik.

Offering a clean-tasting punch laced with a tinge of subtle sweetness, their nipa-based creation comes with a distinctly rustic charm, tailor-fit for the modern drinker.

With initial offerings like Barik Puro and Barik Ginger Sour, they are poised to bring distinctly Filipino flavor to bars the world over.


Barik Supremo Ginger Sour

Authentic Filipino Moonshine made from the sap of the nipa palm’s fruit, enhanced with a sour yet pungent ginger flavor.

Barik Supremo Puro

Authentic Filipino moonshine made from the sap of the nipa palm’s fruit. Delicious, refreshing, and guaranteed to give you a great buzz.

For the perfect Christmas gift you can get the wooden engraved boxes!


IG: barik_supremo_lambanog


Ready to eat treats: their Christmas packages are perfect gifts for family and friends! They can also customize packages based on your preferences!


IG: juaneatsanddrinks