triART, the Filipino Start Up That will Change the Retail Industry

triART, the Filipino Start Up That will Change the Retail Industry

Mynila Team October 1, 2020 Lifestyle

triART is a proudly Filipino start-up looking to re-think the retail industry, and advocate for a less wasteful future.

The fashion industry has a huge pollution problem producing: 10% of all man made carbon, 35% of all oceanic micro plastics and 20% of all industrial water pollution. The equivalent of one garbage truck of clothing is burnt or dumped in a landfill every second.

When you drive down any major thoroughfare in Manila, you can feel the forces of fast fashion. The unimaginable scale of fast fashion companies are designed for one purpose: to squeeze every last drop of profit from the environment, customers, and people in their systems.

Teams of creatives, graphic artists and production staff have their work utilized by huge brands in return for almost nothing. Whilst these companies rake in huge profits.

How can a small Filipino start up hope to make a difference? sells bespoke Filipino designed art-wear with the aim of “Empowering artists with zero waste”.

Their retail model is designed to encourage customers to be mindful about their consumption and engage with local artists in a meaningful way.

This is achieved by a “(co)lab” that periodically will go live on so that you can pre-order the art-wear.

Customers can engage with artists and triART to discover more and gain insights into the (co)lab process. Utilizing social media, triART is seeking to make fashion an interactive community.

Anybody can contact triART to start a (co)lab, Designers, small businesses, and graphic artists are all encouraged to bring their branding and designs to life, as part of our community.

How does the (co)lab model solve the problems of fast fashion? 

“(co)labs” produce zero waste. After triART agrees on a (co)lab, they only produce the exact number of orders meaning there is zero waste and zero inventory which also means that your art-wear is highly exclusive and collectable.

The polyester garments are made with Repreve yarn. A patented US technology that recycles plastic bottles into high quality sports fabrics. The 100% cotton garments have minimal finishing giving them a natural feel whilst reducing water pollution.

triART’s systems are entirely Filipino; striving to create livelihoods, support communities and empower marginalised people.  This allows us to create jobs and keep our logistics systems as simple as possible lowering our emissions. We are against dead inventory. Our company is structured with the future in mind. We provide risk-free income for independent artists. Allowing creativity the space it needs to flourish.

triART wants to empower artists, designers and small businesses to take back control in this increasingly commercial world.

Increasingly traditional retail suffers from questionable ethics; producing unsustainable amounts of waste and pollution, whilst monopolizing creativity through non-inclusive systems.

We are seeking to revolutionize retail for the better; cutting out the waste, prioritizing originality, and improving accessibility whilst promoting independence. We believe that true creativity requires independence. By offering access to the (CO)LAB we provide creators an opportunity to monetize their art using a zero waste, zero risk approach.

How does it work?

We run a campaign with the artists’ design. The length of the campaign is decided by the artist, with the maximum length being 30 days. Our minimum threshold for production is 30 sales per print design. Following the end of a campaign, customers will receive their goods directly from us in 3-10 days (depending on the location).

(CO)LAB Artists:

Jappy Agoncillo / PAPILIO / Lee Caces / Distort Monsters / Cab Nov / Tropical Futures Institute / Jethro Olba / Appreciate Y’all / Silcero


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