Travel Diary – Bohol

Travel Diary – Bohol

Jana Isabel Legaspi April 16, 2018 Travel

Home to the famous Chocolate Hills and tarsier, Bohol is definitely a famous Philippine destination among tourists. I can actually consider this as a trip that is long overdue since it’s a common destination and it’s only an hour and 25 minute flight from Manila.

Bohol has always been familiar to my ears since it’s always been talked about in Sibika lectures way back in elementary. I always find myself in its neighbor province, Cebu; but for some reason, our itineraries never lead us to Bohol.

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I was greeted with gloomy weather upon arriving Tagbilaran airport. My mom and I immediately looked for our shuttle to BE Grand Resort; I was actually not feeling well when we left Manila but that changed upon arriving our resort. (HAHAHA)

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Spent our first day wishing that the weather would improve and just lounged around the resort’s vicinity.


If you want to go island hopping, you can ask your hotel to arrange a tour for you. Most resorts in Panglao have their own boats; but if you’re budget conscious, you can go to Alona Beach and expect a lot of travel organizers offering tours. Prices aren’t fixed so feel free to haggle!

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I woke up early for this tour since I wanted to catch a glimpse of the dolphins. The boat that we rented picked us up at around 6AM at the resort’s beachfront. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the viewing spot; you’ll know that you’re there when you see all the bangkas (boats) gathered in one area.

After a while of waiting, I finally saw a pod of dolphins! I wasn’t able to take proper photos though, I guess you just have to see them for yourself.

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After that, we headed over to the first Island, which is called BALICASAG. I think this is one of the main tourist points, I could tell from the prices of the food.

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Balicasag has an entrance fee of php200, and separate fees if you wanna go snorkeling and turtle watching. A smaller bangka will bring you to the fish and turtle sanctuary, which are on opposite sides of the island.

The water was too murky and the waves were too strong, but I still saw a couple of turtles. 

After snorkeling, we just rested and enjoyed the island.

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Virgin Island was next on the list. It has a really peaceful ambience, it’s like it’s made for lazing out. Our tour ended at around 2pm and I just spent the rest of the afternoon in the resort pool.

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We had dinner at Bohol Bee Farm, their food is really good but what really won me over was their ice cream. I ended up having three servings. *Tip: Try the Salted Honey ice cream*

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On our second to the last day, we joined a fixed tour which includes the following places:

Loboc River Cruise

As part of the tour package, we had lunch inside the boat while cruising the Loboc River. It was a really nice experience since you are surrounded by a good scenery while eating.



Tarsier Sanctuary

My first reaction when I saw the tarsier was “yay, I finally saw a tarsier”. These nocturnal creatures are so cute, and also endangered.

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Note: Please always practice responsible tourism! If you’re wondering why this tarsier is awake, it’s because some tourists used flash photography even though we were told several times not to. They’re really fragile.

Chocolate Hills

The stairs that led up to the viewing deck seemed to take forever to climb, but it was all worth it upon seeing this view. I felt like I was inside my Philippine History book. The hills were still lush and green, but I think that may change a couple of weeks from now since summer is fast approaching.

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Yay! Another province ticked off my list. Til’ the next adventure!

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