This is Philippines: Rediscover the Country through Catriona Gray’s Video Series!

This is Philippines: Rediscover the Country through Catriona Gray’s Video Series!

Ela Bendaña January 9, 2019 Travel

Catriona Gray is the new Miss Universe!

The young lady, whose roots are imbedded in the province of Albay, won not only the crown but also the hearts of everyone because of her dedication and efforts in representing the beauty and charms of her motherland. She became the talk of the town as she started off with showcasing the diverse Filipino culture in the most unexpected and creative ways. From her ‘Alab at Dangal’ ear cuff to the iconic Mak Tumang gowns, Catriona didn’t fail to surprise!

She impressed us more with her patriotism after she released “This is Philippines,” a three-part video series shot by filmmaker Jolo Luarca III. Other than conveying the meaning behind the main pieces of her national costume, the films also served a pass to a visual journey with her around the archipelago.

The episodes were entitled “This is Luzon: Celebration and Arts,” “This is Visayas: Survivors and Warriors,” and “This is Mindanao: Tradition and Spirituality.” Each then covered the rich heritage of LuzViMinda and highlighted the regions’ unique identities.

This is Luzon: Celebration and Arts

Catriona’s parol backpiece was a tribute to Luzon, home to a number of National Artists and skilled artisans. Here, she features the renowned Christmas lantern craftsmanship in Pampanga and recollects the meaning of the season to Filipino families.

This is Visayas: Survivors and Warriors

Looking back to the Yolanda tragedy in Eastern Visayas four years ago, she commends the resiliency and strength of Filipinos as survivors and traces these values to the symbolism of the intricate tattoos of Pintados.

This is Mindanao: Tradition and Spirituality

Her headdress was inspired by the T’boli tribe of South Cotabato, also called the Land of Dreamweavers. The piece represented the untouched tradition of the southern region and how its locals draw creativity from nature.

The reigned Miss Universe proved that there always has to be more than just arriving at the destination. Surely, the Philippines has almost every kind of history and culture to offer, all yet to be discovered.

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