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The Twelfth House Store Fifth Anniversary and Launch!

The Twelfth House Store Fifth Anniversary and Launch!

Mynila Team September 6, 2019 Music & Culture

Join The Twelfth House on their fifth year anniversary this Saturday as they release a collaboration together with 12 brands from all over the Philippines and’s launch!

Vibes will be provided by local tastemakers and featured guests from LA Free The Robots (NTS/Mild Animals) & Dayglo (Sandwich/The Diegos) as part of the online community radio’s launch, the new online community radio station.

Here’s the full schedule:


A group show from Barangay Bois will also take place at The Twelfth House’ studio on the 2nd floor.

About is an online community radio station based in Metro Manila. With each episode, the station streams and records performances from notable spots within the music community while featuring both emerging as well as staple local artists and businesses that help shape the city’s subculture. They aim to create quality content to showcase the growth of local DJs and producers while having over guests from the international scene from time to time.

About The Twelfth House

The Twelfth House is a premium lifestyle brand crafting well-detailed, high-quality garments adaptable for any occasion. Their wardrobe consists of top grade button-downs, outerwear and other types of clothing. The house takes a modern, optimistic approach to any of their creations. Their garments appeal to men of any generation. The best feeling in the world is feeling good about yourself – the house takes pride with this thought.


Presented by PROGRESS • We Run Welegendary • Unschld • REVERE • Built Cycles • Brklss • THE Clothing • TETSUO • All Tribes Nobody • MEDISINA • Strap

Photo Credits: Cover Ph (Free the Robots) – Laurene Berchoteau, Butta B – Aly Mananquil, crwn – Arabella Paner, Peaceful Gemini – Stephen Jon, Duality – Midnite Ph, Dayglo – Tracianne