The Rainbow Warrior Has Landed in Manila Bay And You Should Visit This Weekend!

The Rainbow Warrior Has Landed in Manila Bay And You Should Visit This Weekend!

Mynila Team March 1, 2019 Lifestyle

Rainbow Warrior has just landed in Manila Bay! – bringing a global spotlight on the ‘Battle for Manila Bay’ vs major plastic producers.

As part of the global Ship it Back tour, the Greenpeace vessel highlights the role of plastic producers for the pollution in Manila Bay, and the Filipino effort in tackling the plastic crisis.

According to Greenpeace, the Philippines has constantly been named as one of the top polluters of plastics in the ocean among other Asian countries.

The Rainbow Warrior will be stationed at Manila Bay from March 2 and 3 for the open boat before sailing to Cebu.

“People can board and see Rainbow Warrior for free, meet its crew, and hear their stories,” Greenpeace public engagement campaigner Tina Pedraya said.

The Rainbow Warrior’s Ship it Back tour is part of a global campaign that targets companies that produce massive amounts of single-use plastic that pollute the world’s oceans. On its 19-day journey in the Philippines, the iconic ship will stop in Manila and Cebu. After the tour in the Philippines, the campaign will focus on activities in the Netherlands and Switzerland, to further pressure FMCG companies to reduce their overall production of single-use plastics and invest in alternative delivery systems.

Green Fair and Exhibition:

–        Food Merchant

–        Katya Bags

–        Bamb-ooh

–        The Eco Filipino

–        Kape ni Boy

–        Need to End Plastic Movement

–        Start with One Blank Page

–        Sip and Gogh

–        Ecowaste Coalition

–        Green Cotton Rounds

–        Community Crafts Association of the Philippines

–        Scented by Kris

–        Naissence

–        Old Manila Eco Market

–        The Soapranos

–        Sunreese Organics

Parent-kid Workshop with Sip and Gogh – two (2) sessions at 10:00-11:00 am and 2:00-3:00 pm

With talks from zero-waste practitioners and campaigners!