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The Hernandez Brothers & LUSTBASS Perform at Draper, A New Rooftop Space in Poblacion

The Hernandez Brothers & LUSTBASS Perform at Draper, A New Rooftop Space in Poblacion

Mynila Team March 6, 2020 Music & Culture

Draper Startup House brings the creative local music scene to the forefront!

Haven’t heard of Draper yet? It’s a new hotel and co-working space that caters for creatives and entrepreneurs. When ‘out of office’ the rooftop space is set to house an engaging event program that covers music, tech, wellness, and everything in-between. This month, they’re launching the first BEAT ROOTS – an exciting event series and a platform for Manila’s musical movers & shakers.

Saturday March 14th will be the very first BEAT ROOTS at the Rooftop by Draper, featuring sets and performances by Les Maladroits, Salamangka, and a special collaborative show by The Hernandez Brothers & LUSTBASS. Enjoy an Open Bar from 8PM – 9PM with their signature Stoli Beetroot Cocktail, a refreshing buzz to start the evening. Free entry, limited capacity, you can RSVP to secure your slot.

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Coming of Age | About Draper Startup House

In 2019, two visionary groups joined forces to help execute the enablement of ONE MILLION entrepreneurs by the end of 2030. With the idea of hospitality as the foundation of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, Tribe Theory – a global chain of business hostels targeted for young startups and entrepreneurs – joined forces with the Draper community, founded by Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Tim Draper.

With Draper Startup House Philippines as their newly-opened flagship hotel in Asia, they’ve also opened up an events space for celebration and creation: The Rooftop is situated in the hip urban area of Manila, where culture is fostered and the arts is thriving. Driven by a love for community and a goal of inclusivity, they’ve created a space for entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives of all kinds.

Catch the city’s most engaging acts at BEAT ROOTS, at The Rooftop by Draper Startup House.