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The Head Nod Presents: The Return of Hip Hop Collective AMPON

The Head Nod Presents: The Return of Hip Hop Collective AMPON

Mynila Team October 21, 2018 Music & Culture

Hip Hop collective AMPON perform together again after five years!

The Head Nod is a free, monthly hip hop event held at Dulo in Poblacion

Since its first night in April this year, the event has showcased Manila’s most established and up and coming Hip Hop talents. The name Head Nod was coined by Manila producer Non Plus.


Fatima Loo at the Head Nod


DJ Nicko and SRCMTK at the Head Nod

Ede Whut and Nothing Else

Edewhut and NothingElse at the Head Nod

Moro Beats

Moro Beats at the Head Nod

This month (on October 25), The Head Nod will feature an all-AMPON line up! AMPON, which stands for Absolute Messages Personified Over Noise, is a Hip Hop Collective founded in 2003. Counting the original members and new additions, AMPON housed 17 artists – emcees, beat makers and visual artists. The collective hosted numerous gigs, release two compilations plus several solo and group EPs.

Ampon L-R?

Ampon : Caliph8, Alamat ng Tunkod, D-Cal, Chyrho, Flexx, Mic, Six, Gabby, Psylent, Arkane, Chec, Skarm, Labjaxx, NothingElse

Original member and the Head Nod curator, NothingElse remembers AMPON’s last group performance at Fete de la Musique Manila in 2011 and the collective laying low after the release of their Slanted Planets compilation in 2013.

“After five years in the dark comes a ray of light. I just decided to make this month’s Head Nod an AMPON edition because we were founded on October 2003. I just figured it would be fun do it like we used to, when it was just us on the line up and sometimes it was just us in the audience too. We were considered to be the weird ones of hip hop here in the Philippines so our audience was minimal at times.”

AMPON was founded after members of two separate hip hop groups, Epical and Turbulence, decided to join forces and form a collective.

“It was just about pushing our music. We all love hip hop and we just wanted to make it on our own. It’s easier to move as a unit than just one person, there’s less politicking with other groups and other factions. We just did our own thing, we organized our own shows.”

AMPON year? L-R?

AMPON – Front: Flexx, D-Cal, Six, Big Pao Drizzle. Standing: NothingElse, Marlowe, Chyrho, Gabby, Azeem, Mic, Miggy, Arkane, Anton, Psylent, Nimbus 9

AMPON original, additional and passing members:

Six the Northstar
Abnormalities /Alamat ng Tunkod
Nimbus Nine
Heavenly Host

AMPON Releases:

AMPON – Dekoding Rhythm CD
Skarm – Lazy Boy Blues CD
NothingElse – … Is Out There EP online:
Flowtek – Flowtek Concepts CD
Six The Northstar – Galactic Quantum Leap EP online:
AMPON – Slanted Planets CD

Flyer from the first AMPON show in 2004

Flyer from the first AMPON show in 2004

On October 25, original AMPON members – Six The Northstar, Chyrho Konshuss, NothingElse, Labjaxx, Plazma and TwoFold68 will perform again for the first time in years.


Here are some classic AMPON tracks to get your heads nodding and your minds turning.

See you there sa Dulo!

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