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‘A room to grow’: The Great Dane Debut EP

‘A room to grow’: The Great Dane Debut EP

Mynila Team November 11, 2020 Music & Culture

The Great Dane just released their debut EP ‘A room to grow’ under the independent Manila-based record label Know So.

What is the main overlying theme of the EP?

As the name of the EP suggests, the main overlying theme of the EP is change, with the overall aesthetic of the EP and promotional material revolving around blooming flowers. The EP as a whole explores human experiences, with each song highlighting different aspects of life.

How would you describe the overall sound of the EP? What makes it unique? 

Overall, the sound of the EP is very dynamic and is a harmonious mix of all of the different styles and influences of each band member. We tried not to limit ourselves to any particular sound, and simply made songs that we genuinely liked. The variation in rhythms, harmony, and melodies contribute to a multi-layered listening experience that suits any kind of listener. 

What do you expect listeners to take away from the EP? 

We expect listeners to take away a feeling of timelessness with the record, the kind of suspense you feel when you’re so engrossed while listening to something that you just forget about everything else. 

What’s next for The Great Dane? 

We will definitely be looking to release more singles and hope to record our 2nd EP, or maybe even an album in the near future. 

What have you been doing to cope with the quarantine? 

Chris (Lead Singer/Bassist): working

Joaquin (Guitarist): studying

Brennan (Guitarist): been producing a lot of music, reading, catching up on TV series, and baking

Christian (Drummer): just doing whatever is enjoyable for me like watching movies, practicing, making coffee, reading

What music have you been listening to recently? 

Chris: a lot of alternative stuff 

Joaquin: The Strokes’ new album

Brennan: Tom Misch, D’angelo, Jacob Collier, Cory Wong 

Christian: Makaya Mccraven, Casiopea, Musiq soulchild

How have you been giving yourself room to grow during these times?

Chris: keeping myself busy with work 

Joaquin: I’ve been reading a bunch of books and practicing guitar

Brennan: taking it one day at a time and trying to work towards a long-term goal

Christian: not being a perfectionist while practicing, but realizing that mistakes are normal and should be worked on 

What advice can you give to a friend?  

Chris: happiness is a state of mind 

Joaquin: Don’t forget to breathe!

Brennan: you are not your thoughts

Christian: spend time doing things that are meaningful for you