The 8th Likhang HABI Market Fair is Back in Metro Manila: Support the Local Weaving Communities!

The 8th Likhang HABI Market Fair is Back in Metro Manila: Support the Local Weaving Communities!

Mynila Team October 3, 2018 Lifestyle

Through the annual Habi Market Fair,  Habi hopes the Philippines indigenous fabrics industry will get the revival it deserves.

HABI The Philippine Textile Council is a non profit organization that is focusing on one goal only: supporting all Philippine textile and artisan communities by practicing ethical fair trade standards!

On its 8th year, bearing the theme Woven Voyages, the event promises to be a display of the colorful textile industry of the Philippines, hosting weaving and Filipino artisan communities from all over the country.

LIKHANG HABI FAIR promotes “the preservation and creative enhancement of the indigenous textile industry through entrepreneurship and synergy”
The fair features master weavers talking about their craft and a forum focused on the revival of the local textile industry.
“We want to preserve develop and modernize the textile industry… because it’s part of the Philippines tradition and economy.
Slow Fashion helps the environment – weaving communities depend on natural fibers but it is either too expensive or not enough. Philippine cotton, highly comparable to Egyptian cotton became a major feature of the Philippine economy during the early days. It was traded for porcelain jars from Chinese merchants and was exported to the old world in the Spanish galleons. Unfortunately, the Philippines cotton industry has not been sustained nor developed.
Since the arrival of cheap, factory-manufactured textile in the country, the Philippines cotton industry has been enduring a major setback. And with only few surviving cotton farms in the Philippines, its cultivation and use has almost died out in the country”

This year’s edition is expecting over 80 exhibitors at Glorietta’s Activity Centre, Makati City.

Ms. Maria Isabel Ongpin, HABI Chairperson and Founder aim to give to Filipino local weaver a place to market their products and learn entrepreneurship.

Shop for sustainable quality products, meet the the different ASEAN countries, see local wonderful textiles, weavers and artisans. A large program of activities will occupy two stages, all in support of Philippine hand-woven traditional textiles!

Here are some merchants not to be missed:


After years of research, community development work and creative collaboration between industry and professionals, AKABA Ltd. Design Co. was formed. It was through the dedication and passion of aspiring social entrepreneurs and designers across the globe that created a world-class Filipino brand with cultural heritage at its very core. They take pride in the production of high quality products such as knapsacks, messenger bags, backpacks and more, and the social impact they provide for the weaving communities and manufacturing partners.

Len Cabili of Filip+Inna is a woman admired by many because of her deep appreciation for traditional arts and crafts, and her never-ending support to provide livelihood to our indigenous groups. Since she was a kid, she was exposed to our local culture through her Dad’s work in the government while she inherited her love for fabrics and weaves from her mother. Her dedication is unmatchable when she invested so much of her time in spreading her advocacy by going from barrio to barrio, naming each piece with the name of the artisan who created it, and most importantly, sharing to the whole world how exquisite our arts and culture are through her brand.


Known as the “Wrap Artiste” of the Philippines, the multi-awarded Ditta Sandico is a visionary fashion designer that embraces an ecologically-friendly design and production process, creatively transforming indigenous fibers, such as banana, pineapple and abacca into a fashion art form, designing wraps that follow the movements of the body, and recycling the remainders into beautiful accessories.

She continues to carry the Filipino identity through her collection, revolutionizing the Philippine natural fiber industry by working with a cooperative in Baras, Catanduanes, training them in natural dye extraction and advanced weaving techniques, providing a sustainable income and giving life to a struggling cultural heritage.


Abre Linea is a social enterprise that designs and produces local artisanal products with social impact such as hand embroidered ticog bags, mats, and accessories from Leyte & Samar. Founded by high school friends, Anna Veloso Tuazon, Claude Rodrigo Canete, and Joy Yu, Abre Linea was established after having witnessed Typhoon Haiyan’s trail of destruction in the Eastern Visayas. Without hesitations, they jumped into action and formed this brand as their response to the diminishing relief goods and scarcity of soft loans for the survivors.


Founded and owned by Mia C. Villanueva, MCV Design is a brand famed for its affordable, stylish bags and other accessories that are proudly produced in the Philippines with materials sourced locally and designed in a more interesting yet very wearable way. Their products include clutches, totes, wallets made of materials that range from snakeskin, buntal, rattan, raffia, satins to silks.

October 12 – 14, 2018
10AM – 9PM
Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City