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Street Food Pinoy Edition

Street Food Pinoy Edition

Paula Cabildo March 31, 2018 Food & Drink

Aside from being known for its breathtaking beaches, the Philippines is also known for the exotic food that it offers both to foreigners and its locals.

Some of the Pinoy street food have been featured in TV shows and many tourists are trying to eat at least one delicacy during their visit. Below are some the most famous street food that you need to try in the Philippines.

Isaw (Chicken/Pork Intestine)

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It is a well-known street food that is made from the intestines of pigs or chickens. It is grilled and dipped in vinegar. The most successful business owner who ventured into this type of business would probably be Mang Larry. Mang Larry was an aspiring chemical engineering student but due to poverty,  he had to stop and look for ways to support his family. He started his humble isawan in 1984 inside UP Diliman. With a capital of just Php40, he started selling pork and chicken isaw and betamax. And soon enough, people outside UP were falling in line just to have a taste of his famous isaw.

Betamax (Grilled Blood)

This is made from chicken blood which becomes solid when exposed to an open container. It is cut into small rectangles that resembles a Betamax. It tastes blunt and is best eaten with vinegar with lots of chilies.

Kinilaw Na Tamilok (Woodworm)

If you visit Palawan and ask the natives what food to try, without apprehension they will tell you it’s Tamilok. Tamilok or woodworm is an edible worm that you can dig from rotten mangroves. Some say that it tastes like your usual oyster while some narrated that “It was slimy, fishy, sour & a little bit salty. It looked like a spaghetti pasta strip, only bigger and translucent.” It is eaten raw and served with vinegar, chopped onions and chili.

Betute Tugak (Deep Fried Stuffed Frog)

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Betute originally came from “butete” which means tadpole in Kapampangan. It is a famous delicacy in the province of Pampanga. These frogs are caught in farms during the rainy season. The frogs are stuffed with minced pork and then deep fried.

Balut (duck Embryo)

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Balut is made from developing duck embryo that is boiled. It is eaten with salt and vinegar. These duck eggs are 16-21 days old and they send foreigners screaming. Foreigners usually find it gross and balut has even been included in many reality shows to serve as a challenge. It might be a difficult task for non-natives to eat these duck eggs but it is common food not just in the Philippines but also in other South East Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.