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Sapiens Artist: Henri Lamy Solo Exhibit at Pintô Art Museum!

Sapiens Artist: Henri Lamy Solo Exhibit at Pintô Art Museum!

Mynila Team April 11, 2019 Music & Culture

Henri Lamy’s latest series exhibition, “Sapiens Artist” will be opening this Sunday at Pintô Art Museum!

This series is influenced from the cultural phenomenon book, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”, by Yuval Noah Harrari. After reading the book, Henri says his curiosity was immediately sparked. He then revisited the largest cultural impacts on humankind with a new perspective of thought.

This has brought us “Sapiens Artist” — an evolutionary journey of sapiens starting 30,000 years ago with intelligent nomads who knew how to throw a spear as well as mix natural pigments to create the original cave art.

“Sapiens Artist” explores evolution through famous art references, characters, public figures and religious characters. By looking backwards and blending reality with fiction, Henri Lamy’s fresh and vibrant approach is a commingled composition of past and future.


An innovative series that gives new perspective on the familiar, Henri’s approach to the artworks has shifted significantly. He has incorporated some of his old work and developed original work — cutting, shifting, combining and transforming compositions into new artworks. Transformation and movement both defines this series as well as Henri as an artist. These artworks are spread over time and over various locations, brought together within his Manila studio.

Also unique to this series, “Sapiens Artist” is being shown over three separate exhibits at the most prestigious galleries in the Philippines (Leon Gallery, Pintô Art Museum and Altro Mondo). The former exhibit just concluded 7 April, and Henri says he was humbled by the sold out, which included some of the Philippine’s largest artists, Olivia D’Aboville, Enzo Razon, Ian Anderson, Leeroy New and Mark Nicdao. Henri has collaborated with each artist previously.

This support includes a new partnership with Dr. Joven Cuanang at Pintô Art Museum, where Henri will showcase a solo exhibition and live performance of capoeira art. This is Henri’s signature, in which he blends the Brazilian dance into a live art performance.

The opening night will showcase a live performance with his wife and creative partner, Maïa d’Aboville. Capoeira has influenced Henri’s “Sapiens Artist” series, and thus a more comprehensive expression will be brought to life. Accompanying Henri and Maïa will be live musicians and a newly designed capoeira stage setup. This interactive performance also encourages the audience to participate.

Being Asia’s most Instagrammed museum, Pintô Art Museum is the perfect setting for a combination of art and movement. Henri feels that this exhibit will be the best experience for the series and looks forward to the unique program at Pintô Art Museum.

“I want to be nourished by my art. To show others that they do not have to hold back. Everyone is in a different place in life. I want to meet them there, and with the tools of art and movement, inspire them to respond. To let them know that they are seen and, more importantly, matter.

I was taught to draw by my father and grandfather in Lyon, France, and I eventually expanded from drawing to painting with acrylic. But, I was always searching. From the age of four, I loved doing handstands as a need for physical expression. This requirement for spontaneity and movement later drew me to performance art. My life as an artist has been most heavily influenced by travel. Japan was my first important trip, but it was in Brazil that I was able to combine my art with the fluid movement of capoeira into live performance paintings. When you see my work and experience my performances, I want you to imagine with me – both a one-on-one connection and the connection of community. An extension of life through art.


I believe we all have a spiritual aspect. In my art, I reference myth, the impact of technology as well as art history – blending them so that everyone can see themselves in my paintings. I create the majority of my art in the Philippines and France. Learning the Tagalog language has allowed me to connect to the hearts of those in the Filipino community on a deeper level. My work in Lyon with my art director wife, Maïa d’Aboville, developing the Taverne Gutenberg art center, allows emerging artists to connect with one another through residencies. This work continues into community projects for the underserved, in particular, the street children of Manila.”




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