Sapatero – Shoes made in the Philippines

Sapatero – Shoes made in the Philippines

Mynila Team April 9, 2018 Lifestyle

SAPATERO was born out of a passion for shoes, the craftsmanship required in making them and a common goal of revitalizing the industry of Philippine shoemaking.

SAPATERO means shoemaker. Each and every pair of SAPATERO shoes go through weeks of labor in the hands of their highly skilled team of craftsmen who have with decades of experience.


We trusted that with the careful and traditional process of how we make our shoes, people would support the quality and beauty of what we offer, and that if presented well, we could compete globally and put our homeland back in the map for shoemaking.

With high quality materials, high level of skills and utmost care given to each pair of shoes in our workshop, we wish to fulfill our Mission of bringing back Shoemaking in the Philippines – one pair at a time.

Clients have the freedom to design their own Sapatero pair, with the Made-to-Order service: they can choose from a wide variety of designs or they can bring in their own design that they would like to have made. Aside from the design aspect, they can also choose from a number of different toe shapes, leather materials, and construction methods.


Here’s Sapatero Bespoke shoe service steps:

On the first appointment, specific measurements of the client’s feet will be taken. Details such as the design, shape, leather material, environment where the shoes will be used, and other details that the client wishes to include, will also be discussed. Once these details are finalized, the order will be sent back to the workshop to start the process.

The bespoke process starts off with making the wooden last that is a replica of the client’s feet with all its intricacies and nuances. A bespoke last will be stored and used specifically for the client it is made for. The pattern of the client’s chosen design is also made, cut and sewn together to create the leather upper.


The client will be called in for a second appointment to try on the shoes and and give his input regarding the fit, aesthetics and all other aspects in order to refine the shoes. Subsequent appointments for fittings will be held, and when the client is fully satisfied with all the details of his pair, the pair will sent back to the workshop for closing and finishing.

Another appointment will be scheduled for the final fitting and delivery of the client’s shoes. Details of proper maintenance of the shoes will also be discussed upon final delivery.

SAPATERO Bespoke service promises to provide the clients with shoes that have a perfect balance between comfort, aesthetics, and durability.

Suit it Up Manila, L&R Building, Arnaiz Avenue, Makati (strictly by appointment only)
Felipe & Sons, El Pueblo Real de Manila, Julia Vargas cor. ADB Avenue, Ortigas
Felipe & Sons, 122 LPL Mansion, San Agustin street, Salcedo Village, Makati