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Rolly Ebabacol and his Analog Photo Series

Rolly Ebabacol and his Analog Photo Series

Mynila Team April 5, 2018 Music & Culture

In this weekly search for artists, the MYNILA team discovered the talented photographer Rolly Ebabacol and his film photography series.

Most of my friends are puzzled really on why suddenly I was into film. They thought that film was dead. I told them it’s not, it never died! It’s just that we don’t pay attention to it anymore. I was very surprising to actually discover groups of film shooters like “LomoManila” where everyone is very kind in helping each other when it comes to newbies like me. In that group everyone can share photos, tips, ideas that will help beginners and also help the film community grow.

So when I really think about the reason why I am shooting film…simple: it’s the sense of being in the moment and making sure you make the most out of it because there’s no turning back once you already click the shutter button. I also like how you are able to slow things down and just focus on the view in that tiny square called the view finder. It’s like you are lost inside the film world once you start peeping that tiny window hehe. This might all sound so cheesy but there is something about shooting film that gives me zen, peace and serenity.

We totally love his analog stories around Metro Manila and the Philippines! Enjoy Rolly wall arts and murals photographs when hunting through BGC!