Rô – Footwear Inspired by Nature

Rô – Footwear Inspired by Nature

Mynila Team April 5, 2018 Lifestyle

Mynila meets the founder of Rô footwear: let’s find out more about the brand!

How would you define your brand and who is it aimed at?

 “raw’ is a local brand established around mid 2015.  “raw” as the name suggests, is an accurate depiction of how and what the brand is all about. It reflects the idea of design and aesthetic – to create products that stick to traditional method that are nothing spectacular or flawless; but more subdued.

We try to veer away  from the idea of “absolute perfection” and go towards plain, simple and straightforward.


As such,  creates a line of footwear for women inspired mostly by nature, culture and everyday life. Each pair of  footwear is composed of selected handpicked materials and made by traditional shoemakers in the country, assuring the quality, timelessness of design and comfort to compliment to each of the wearer’s style.
For women who are comfortable with themselves and have their own sense of style, who like to distinguish themselves among others with the quality of clothes they wear. For the woman who wants to look good, feel easy and comfortable at the same time.

What are your thoughts about Filipino fashion and design in the world?

We are influenced by so many cultures, and there is a lot of room of creativity here in the Philippines. Our country is talent-rich but we need to know where to look. There are a lot of good designers and products that we can be proud of on a worldwide scale.



What advice do you have for aspiring Filipino local designers?

It is important to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Set goals and understand that there will be challenges to overcome. Don’t be disheartened and never forget the reasons for doing what you do. Be honest to yourself. Don’t be afraid to express yourself and always be in search of inspiration. You can find inspiration in the most mundane things and use to create something that is original.

How much travel has influenced your design?

There are so many places that I would like to travel to. Even if I don’t get to travel as much as I want to, I am still influenced by other cultures and it has helped shape the aesthetics of my brand, and it is reflected in my designs.
It is always amazing how traveling, reading, or meeting new people – can stick with us, and use that as a source of inspiration.


Is there any place in the world you haven’t seen but you would like to visit from a professional perspective?

I’d like to visit India, Italy, Morocco and Mexico to explore and get inspiration from their culture, people, lifestyle and architecture. And from a business perspective, some of these countries are the top manufacturers of leather, and it would be interesting to see the variety of leather and quality they produce.


Can you tell us about our upcoming collection?

Expect more easy to wear designs. 

What are your favorite spots in Metro Manila for:

  • Dining: Tsumura (for sushi), Little Tokyo & China Town
  • Dancing: XXXX & Today x Future 
  • Drinking: Poblacion area
  • Shopping: Thrift shops also known as “Ukay-Ukay” in Cubao, Baguio, Tagaytay, Olongapo & Quiapo

All photographs by Geric Cruz and Modeled by Marita Ganse