Reducing Waste: 10 Ideas You can Put Into Practice Immediately!

Reducing Waste: 10 Ideas You can Put Into Practice Immediately!

Mynila Team November 28, 2019 Lifestyle

What can we do in everyday life to reduce waste? Check our tips!

Ecological choices for shopping

1. Avoid pre-packaged food and products: buying loose fruits and vegetables will save on plastic packaging: local markets are a good option!


2. Avoid single use products and you will also save money by the end of the month!

3. Less meat and dairy products. The environmental impact of cattle farms is very bad, and our health will also benefit by reducing them!

4. Repair broken appliances instead of buying new.

Recycle before throwing

5. Clothing. Instead of disposing of them consider to donate to the many association within Metro Manila. (Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines, Philippine Red Cross, Segunda Mana just to name a few).

6. Empty to return. Return your beer bottles to the stores!

Ecological choices outside the home

7. Water tumbler. Instead of buying water in plastic bottle, fill up your water tumbler at home before going to the park, playing sports or going to the office!


Eco-friendly water tumbler from The Bamboo Company

8. Environment-friendly transports. Reduce the use of private cars in favor of bicycles, electric scooters,walking and public transportation. Check the best way to commute on


Bamboo bike from Bambike

9. Always carry a cloth or reusable shopping bags with you: next time you buy just few products at the supermarket or local store use it instead of placing everything in a plastic bag!

10.When you go to your favorite coffee place opt for regular mugs: anyway a coffee should be enjoyed while taking a break an not on “the go”!

Cover Photo: French market bag by The Simple Trade