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Create an event

After you have created a company profile you can now publish events. Adding events is a three stage process.

The first stage is to add the basic event details

– Name (required) – The name of your event

– Description (required) – Provide the customer with more information about your event

– Venue (required) Venue information pulls automaticly from Google. Start typing and you will see the drop down menu appear. If your location is  not a registered place. You can select the custom location option and write the address in. (There will be no map preview when using the custom location)

– Starts (required) – Start date and time of event 

– Ends (required) – End date and time of event

– Category (required) – The category your event
belongs to. Customers can filter their event search
by category is the events discovery section.

– Image (required) The image shown at the top of your event profile

The second stage is to add tickets. There are two different ticket types you can add to an event. Free tickets and paid tickets, in this section you  will learn how to add a paid ticket.

Once the add ticket pop up has been opened. You will have the list of ticket detail fields

– Name (required) – The name of your ticket. Example, Standard Entry, VIP Ticket etc

– Price (required) – Face value of the ticket.

– Customer Pays

– You Receive

– On Sale (required) – Date and time tickets go on sale.

– Off Sale (required) – Date and time tickets go off sale.

– Allocation (required) – The number of tickets you wish to put on sale.

– Allowance (required) – The Maximum amount of tickets a user can buy in one order.


After all event information has been inputted you can review all details and submit. Mynila admin will review your event within 24 hours and publish if no conflicts are found.

Website is best viewed on a portrait orientation on your device.