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Music & Culture

Philippines’ and East Africa’s most forward-thinking music creators and curators in one place.

Philippines’ and East Africa’s most forward-thinking music creators and curators in one place.

Mynila Team June 12, 2018 Music & Culture

ROMS (reflections on music and sound) is a series of talks and workshops that focus on the exploration and exchange of ideas, principles, philosophies, strategies and experiences among some of the Philippines’ most forward-thinking music creators and curators.

The event will take place at XX/XX, on June 20th. ROMS invites:


(Eraserheads , <S>andwich, Pedicab, Cambio, Assembly Generals, SQUID 9)


(BuwanBuwan Collective / Darker Than Wax / Deeper Manila)


( 15D Studios / Yolanda Moon / Mentorship under Grammy winners Tchad Blake, Al Schmitt and Steve Genewick )

and special guest from Mauritius, South Africa Av Neesh ( electrocaïne / Babani Records)

(Babani Records/ Midnight Shift / electrocaïne)

The aim is to cultivate a deeper understanding of the relationship between music and sound as an art. It also exists to unearth and foster a more substantial and refined approach to expression/appreciation and management in the realm of sound.



Raimund Marasigan: Member of the legendary Eraserheads and a strong figure who has had a number of notable contributions the local music scene (sandwich, pedicab, squid 9, assembly generals)

Workshop: “Making a living with music in the Philippines”


Similarobjects: Jorge Juan B. Wieneke V aka similarobjects is a sound artist, DJ, producer and electronic music educator from Manila, Philippines. His work is greatly inspired by polystylism, spirituality, esotericism, technology videogames and art. He is one of the founders of BuwanBuwan Collective, an electronic artist community, production and record label focused on cultivating, the Philippine Beat Scene along with its intersections.

Similarobjects teaches Electronic Music as part of the AB-Music Production Program at De LaSalle College of Saint Benilde and has also founded his own Electronic Music School called “Cosmic Sonic Arts” where he fosters a spiritual, meditative and introspective approach to creating music.

Workshop:”The World is your sample”, creating music out of anything and everything and the importance of living in the present with/through music.

Pocholo Hermosa analog gearhead, sound engineer, the brains behind Terno
Recordings’ Yolanda Moon and the owner of the Philippines’ first ever AIRBNB studio.

Workshop: Principles/Philosophy behind Mixing and Mastering


Special guest of ROMS June series is Avneesh from Mauritius, East Africa. Who is an eclectic
artist/label manager of Babani Records that breaks a lot of boundaries with both his unique approach to DJ-ing and audiovisuals and music releases. The label shares an opinion of music, it’s existence in the  Mascarene islands, and merged with influences far outside their geographic boundaries; bridging cultures and bringing music closer.

Workshop: VISUAL: Basics of VJ’ing/Mapping and setting up audio reactive visuals. MUSIC: Explanation of Avneesh’s sample based music with no genre boundary, Ableton editing and taking studio setup into a live performance.

Wednesday 20th June, 4PM
20b, La Fuerza Plaza 1, 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue Makati