Amplify the love of art with Pens N’ Brushes – The Life Drawing Session: The Forsaken Bride

Amplify the love of art with Pens N’ Brushes – The Life Drawing Session: The Forsaken Bride

Mynila Team June 20, 2018 Lifestyle

Celebrate Pride Month with Pens N’ Brushes nude painting activity at Pineapple Lab!

On June 30, Pens N’ Brushes will be hosting the 6th edition of The Life Drawing Session entitled, “The Forsaken Bride”. This nude painting activity will be held at the Pineapple Lab, 6053 R. Palma Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

Life drawing is one of Pens N’ Brushes’ most successful advocacies for the arts. It allows enthusiasts and creative minds to have an outlet to explore and further grow their skills and techniques. The activity also proves to be a form of relaxation for some people, while a number cited that they take part in these sessions to experience the freedom that it brings, especially in discovering and creating art.


This activity is aptly themed as it coincides with the month of June, known as the Bride Month and is also celebrated as the Pride Month. What is significant in this celebration is the love that inspires many, because love conquers all.

Does it?

Get to know the story that tells of the forsaken lover, and witness as a whirlwind of emotions unfold in every set of this life drawing session. How do you translate the pain, the hope, and the betrayal into a beautiful masterpiece?

Invite a friend and together, join Pens N’ Brushes, as they unravel the intriguing reason behind the bride’s adversity. Guests are welcome to bring their medium, though, Faber-Castell generously provides first-rate art materials for everyone’s use.



Be an early bird! Register now at to get the discounted rate. Regular event fee is at Php 700, inclusive of drinks and snacks.