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P-NOiSE is Back in Town with Nordlys x Fringe Manila!

P-NOiSE is Back in Town with Nordlys x Fringe Manila!

Mynila Team February 4, 2019 Music & Culture

The return of Copenhagen-based P-NOiSE Festival and Nordlys Collective promises a magical 3-day performance art showcases of mythological wonder!

Filipino-Danish art collective and festival organizer, PNOiSE, are returning to Metro Manila with Nordlys Collective to showcase another instalment of Nordic and Filipino performance art, this time in collaboration with Fringe Manila!

The artistic comeback consists of three performance nights inspired by the mythological unicorn, a creature fabled to possess three main abilities that will be translated as themes for the three ‘Nordic Nights’.


This three-day event takes place from February 28 to March 2, closing Fringe Manila’s yearly month-long arts festival, and including pieces by artists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and the Philippines.

The first Nordlys and P-NOiSE collaboration in Manila was graced by hundreds of attendees in December 2016, when they showcased contemporary dance and performance art in the city’s urban landscape.

P-NOiSE/NORDLYS Manila Dance Edition: MET, Manila, 2016

In this year’s edition, the performances will be held at three different venues in Poblacion, Makati: “Nordlys x P-NOiSE, Vol. 2 – Fringe Manila Edition” comes in at the height of interest in this hub of social activity, selecting Dulo MNL, The Ruins, and Pineapple Lab, as the official locations.

Here’s the full schedule of performances (Admission to the venues are free for all!):

February 28 at Dulo MNL

Ray Roa (DK/UK) with the Daloy Dance Company (PH)


Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK)


Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen gathers, adapts, and universalizes her narratives in a critical and humorous approach in regard to issues such as identity, culture, religion, gender, and social relations. Her productions often involve the body, scripted texts, composed music, as well as intricate visual elements as costumes used as set design.

Daniel Darwin (PH)

March 1 at The Ruins

Th’ Line with Kristine Søetop Wallace & Ida Wigdel (NO)


Steelo & Th’Future Company: concept, choreography, performers, light design, sound design and costumes by Ida Wigdel and Kristina Søetorp Wallace.

Dance artists Kristine Søetorp Wallace and Ida Wigdel are the brains behind the company Th’ Line, known for their humorous performances with silly costumes. They often hide behind masks, distort their voices, and take on distinctive stage personalities, in order to shift their own identities.

Th’ Line has a reputation in the dance field for offering a kind of comical release act, but in Steelo & Th’ future we see a more serious side to them. Wigdel and Wallace demonstrate their ability to balance playfulness and seriousness in an engaging way, which makes us reflect. They make us think about the individual’ s ability to make our own choices and how situations and group dynamics affect our actions.

Ea Torrado (PH) with the Daloy Dance Company (PH)

Daloy Dance Company started with artistic director, Ea Torrado’s vision of generating daring and evocative dance theatre pieces with an ever-evolving group of dancers, actors and artists from diverse backgrounds.

Nominated by Aliw Awards as Best Dance Company in 2017, Daloy Dance Company interweaves dance, theatre and improvisation to create inventive and thought-provoking works. Daloy is committed to the appreciation and critical understanding of dance


Mitch Garcia (PH) & Takatak collective (PH)


Artist Mitch Garcia in a performance as “Our Lady of Merchants”, 2017

Is a comeback to the late takatak street vendors of Manila that started back in the 1980s after Martial law.

Takatak boy referring to a street vendor selling cigarettes by continuously clicking the sides of the case he carries creating that takatak sound, they seem to appear out of nowhere when a traffic jam occurs and the worse the traffic, the more diverse the products these vendors offer: it is easy to get a sale through this act because drivers get so irritated that they end up buying something just to get some form of relief. This performance aims to explore the psychology behind this and take the opportunity to speak to the public in terms of creative merchandise & performance presenting the public the familiar that is not so familiar.

This performance will be exploring the same idea but artists will be selling art stuff instead of the ordinary. In this present age where art has become a commodity and traffic in Manila has become worse, presenting  this situation seems a good opportunity to engage people into a guerilla performance without them realizing it. This project is also an experiment of the present train law effect and how creative merchandise and action can speak to the public.

After party at Futurist featuring Tengal (PH)


Tengal is a composer, media artist, and cultural producer. He has been involved in research-based production bridging art, technology, music and society.

March 2 at Pineapple Lab

Sebastian Lingserius & Caroline Bystorm (SE): META_FORCE


Sebastian Lingserius is a freelance choreographer/dancer based in Stockholm.

META_FORCE tackles the meta life of the theatre. The before, the after, and the in-between: it is a choreographic installation and open situation. A hybrid. Not an interactive work that lets the audience become dancers, but neither a work that only lets the dancers become an object to look at, but both, and yet non of them. META_FORCE starts before the theatrical moment, before the rehearsal and before one forgot what the body still knows.

META_FORCE is a process, an environment, a dance and a set of situations that can not be activated without you…

Martin de Mesa (PH) & Maan de Loyola: “Feels Like Heaven at Fairy Garden”


This performance piece is part of an on going artistic collaboration that features the artists alter ego as Bwakeva and Bwakigo. Significantly it’s dubbed as a “Performance of Magical Escapism”.

We are interested on the idea of “Escapism” which is somewhat part of every culture that speaks on the globalised condition of humanity.  Escapism can be defined as a way of seeking distraction or entertainment in order to alleviate boredom or unpleasant feeling in everyday realities. Also, it relates to the notion of fantasy where as the things we see on mainstream media like on television and the internet are not parallel to what’s really happening in everyday life.

Russ Ligtas (PH)


RUSS LIGTAS is a poly-disciplinary visual and performing artist living in Manila: he will be presenting Russ Hour, a performance inquiry that probes the multi-faceted politics of e-democracy within the liminality of live art. Using the livestream feature of Blued, the largest gay social media app in the world, Russ taps his 112,000+strong followers to engage a complex dynamic of interaction between himself, his viewers, and an assembled team of volunteers from contrasting backgrounds and orientations. Within the space of one hour, the performance unravels a compendium of identity politics from race, gender, class, and gaze, ultimately seeking to transcend these invisible borders in order to create a moment of perceived connection.

Leeroy New (PH)


Leeroy New (b. 1986, General Santos City) is an artist-designer whose practice overlaps and intersects with different creative industries. Originally trained as a sculptor, but because of the company he keeps, he has dabbled significantly in production design, costuming, and performance. This inclination to move from one mode of creative production to another has become the spine of his practice driven by concepts of world building and hybrid myth-making.

What resulted were immersive installations that use a variety of found objects directly sourced from the material culture of his current environment. His Balete series, for example, using industrial pipes weaved using plastic ties into large-scale forms and environments, began as a casual experiment during a residency where, due to lack of funds, he discovered piles of discarded irrigation hoses in the local recycling centres. Through his collaborations with local performers, he was able to transform these same materials into set pieces and even wearable sculptures culminating in a cyber-site series called Aliens of Manila, which documents alien characters inhabiting Manila’s often harsh yet colourful streets.

After party at CINKO featuring Tengal (PH)