Of Cliffs and Waves: Why Itbayat Island Should be your Next Travel Stop!

Of Cliffs and Waves: Why Itbayat Island Should be your Next Travel Stop!

DANICA DEL VALLE December 20, 2018 Travel

The vast blue ocean and its majestic rolling hills: let your eyes feast at Itbayat’s raw and untouched beauty, a place that seems from another century!

Itbayat Island is a magnificent place, the one you need to go to if you want to have a peaceful break. It’s not just the scenery that will ease your worries and stress but history and culture of the Itbayaten as well: find the legacy left behind by some of the ancient Filipino settlers!

Itbayat Island is located at the northernmost municipality in the Philippines and it is largest of the three inhabited islands in Batanes.

One of the most striking features of Itbayat is the red clay that makes up its topsoil.

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If you are interested to see what this island has to offer, prepare yourself for 3-4 hours of boat ride facing the strongest waves and going down the boat. You need to allot four days when visiting Itbayat, since you need two days traveling to Basco and two more days to see all of the attractions on the island.
If want to ease your mind from the problems in the Metro, Itbayat Island is the perfect destination!

Challenge yourself hike the Rock walls

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Do you fancy trekking? Well, Itbayat Island is one of the world’s largest uplifted corals that is surrounded by huge walls of rock. Rapang Cliff is a well-known towering rock wall and its extensive razor-sharp rocks that face the Pacific. If you want to hike Rapang Cliffs, you’ll need a separate guide since it passes through private property. The only way to get there is to walk from the town proper, so, prepare yourself!

A visit in the past with Vernacular Houses

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You can also visit and look for Itbayat famous vernacular houses. The traditional houses in Itbayat are mostly made from corals to withstand harsh storms that pass in their island, unlike the stone houses in Batan and Sabtang. You can also see the more indigenous home called jinjin, it is made out of grass and still abundant in Sitio Yawran.

See the spectacular view at Mt. Karoboban

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Do you want to see a 360-degree view of Itbayat Island? Mt Karoroban can show that to you, it is the highest point on the island. Karoboban is one of the island’s foundations and a home for the Itbayaten in the past. Enjoy and let your eyes wander while on top of the mountain. Mt. Karoroban in the north offers a view of the islets towards Taiwan while Mt. Riposed on the southeastern side gives sight of Dinem Island.

Explore the wonders of Torongan Cave

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Do you want to explore some caves while you’re on vacation? Well, you’re lucky cause this island has full of caves. The most well-known cave is the Torongan Cave. It is a massive cave that is said to be an ancient dwelling place of Austronesians, who migrated there about 4000 years ago from Taiwan. Upon reaching the high mound of the cave, you will see the vast blue sea. And from the top of the hills, the scenery is transformed into somewhat an epic fantasy
movie background. The entrance to the cave is reachable by a 45 minute to 1-hour hike. It might be tiring but it’s worth it every step you take when you see the amazing scenery this cave has to offer.

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