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Here’s a List of Very Strange Dj Requests We Gathered from Around the City

Here’s a List of Very Strange Dj Requests We Gathered from Around the City

Mynila Team March 19, 2019 Music & Culture

If you’ve ever stumbled up to the DJ booth, at 3AM with half your pilsen down your t-shirt rambling requests or scribbling notes to the DJ – this one’s for you!

Yep, there’s a lot of crazy people around here, it’s ok we can just blame the alcohol right? Although not all of them are drunken song requests – some just plain weird!

There was this guy one night who kept on asking me to play Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, and I told him I don’t have it. He stayed at the booth for a while and kept on explaining to me why I should have that song with me. He told me to download the song ASAP, and I said no. He put out his phone and told me to play the song from his phone. Again, I said no. Then he screamed, “You’re not a real DJ if you don’t have Justin Bieber!,” and left.

Karlo Vicente (Dj Karlo Lov)


One night I was spinning at Finders Keepers. I normally fucking hate requests unless I either have it already, or it goes well with the set I’m playing. One night one of the bartenders walks up to me with a napkin and I’m somewhat dreading it, but when I read it it said ” If you play at least two of these songs I will buy you Ministop fried chicken.” There were 4 songs on the list and I had all 4. I didn’t know who it was from until I was on song number 2. There was this group of like 4 or 5 people from Canada and I was actually talking to them before I even walked into Finders while I was smoking a cigarette. I mentioned to them that the best fried chicken in Manila is at Ministop. They got me drunk and by the end of the night we had that Ministop fried chicken at about 3:30 in the morning talking about music and food. Probably one of my favorite nights spinning there.

Chris Cataluna (SBTNE)


Sometime in the last decade I got booked to DJ for a mayday party at one of the country’s most prominent resorts down south. I was sharing the billing with Elmer Dado. Most of that city’s party elite sailed in to this exclusive island to join the festivities.

Three songs into my set, the owner shows up and says hello to welcome me. He asks how much is the resort paying me? I replied the amount quietly to him and he goes to his table. Later on one of his staff returns with instructions to just play his cd and have me join him at his private villa. It was more like a request you could not refuse. I was escorted to his villa and all he wanted to do was play video games.

Elmer Dado received a similar “request” soon into his set. The resort’s manager was outraged. Screaming: “He did it again!”

Aside from traveling 2 hours by air, another hour by land and another hour by boat and playing only 15 minutes, I was given an envelope with a lot of blue bills to compensate me for my journey.

Cocoy Puyat


A backpacker comes up to me while I’m playing at Hops’n’Brews and asks if I get drink and food allowance… I said yes and he asked: “Can I please have your food voucher?”

Tom Turner


While in the middle of playing A Tribe Called Quest – Oh My God…. girl comes up to me “Can you play some Hip Hop?”



There was that one time Ornusa had to play Gangnam Style twice in a row at a Christmas party!

Sanya Smith


My girlfriend and I throw these guilty pleasure nights up in Cubao..they’re guilty pleasures but we somehow still play decent stuff during our sets. One night while the packed dance floor was jamming to a Kylie Minogue song, one of the bouncers went up to me(serious face and all) requested for a particular song which I’m not familiar with..i asked for the artist and he responded with “One Direction”. Shocked and somewhat weirded out, I politely told him I’ll check if I got it just to get rid of him. A few songs later, I noticed his face lurking over my shoulder and I had to tell him I didn’t have it…he got really disappointed and i felt that he got somewhat offended that I didn’t have the song…or any one direction songs for that matter and went back to his station.

James Go


A guy trying to impress a girl coz its her bday…
Hey bro can u play happy bday song at 12.. Its her bday…
Me: I don’t have it.
Guy: YouTube?
Me: I’ll just turn off the music and sing her a happy bday then u buy her a bottle of drinks..

Tong Yangco (Dj I am Tong)


Strangest request I ever got was when I was DJing a private party for some french expats. At the time they hired me to play funk soul and some hip hop. Buddha Bar type sounds. Some guys came up to me with a very thick french accent and said “do you have Waka Waka?” I said I don’t know what that is. Then he said “you don’t have Waka Waka by shakira? What kind of DJ are you?” It was in a super pepe le pew French accent and it was the most hilarious thing ever.

Angelo Mendez


But hey – at least we’re not as embarrassing as the brits: