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Naimas – The Taste of Home

Naimas – The Taste of Home

Mynila Team April 9, 2018 Food & Drink

NAIMAS is a Filipino restaurant that serves Ilokano specialties and Northern provincial home cooking, dishes that you cannot find in many other Filipino restaurants in town! In fact, the Ilocano word NAIMAS means delicious!

The interiors has a rustic shabby vibe that will transport you back in time or back in the kitchen of your lola (grandmother), who cooked for you delicious dishes with recipes passed down for many generations.


They outsource the ingredients from the provinces to make sure they are organic and the taste would be authentic. Some examples – Native bawang (garlic), sukang Iloko (vinegar) from La Union and sukang paombong from Bulacan, bagoong isda (relish made of shrimp paste) and patis (fish sauce) from Pangasinan.

“We don’t want to be known as just an Ilokano restaurant. We want to be remembered as the Filipino restaurant that serves out-of-ordinary dishes, inspired by recipes we have forgotten or missed back home. Here in Naimas, we want you to remember what home tastes like. We offer Northern provincial home cooking and we walked the extra mile to stay true to the authenticity of the dishes we have in our menu. We use the original cooking techniques and we put the Naimas stamp on them.”

Must-try dishes:



Naimas bagnet is crispy but not dry. Every bite is a combination of crunchy and tender and just the perfect amount of salty. 



Naimas use the skin of the kambing (goat) which is soft yet springy. Green and red sili (chili), ginger, onion, spring onion makes the flavors jump out. The sukang itik and calamansi complement the spices, allowing the meat to absorb both flavors. 



Free range itik (duck), which makes the meat leaner, more tender and more savory. The adobo sauce also has a distinct, slightly nutty taste because of the itik oil. 



The Nateng platter is perfect for the health-conscious. Feast on a platter of talong (eggplant), talbos ng kamote (camote top leaves), sigarilyas (winged beans), okra, sitaw (legumes), kamatis (tomatoes) and duck eggs! The dip is padas, which is bagoong isda from Pangasinan and sukang Iloko which come straight from the source and only harvested once a year. 

  • G/F CAP building, facing Amorsolo ST. corner Rufino St. Legaspi Village, Makati
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