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Mynila Meets Xyza Ragunjan aka “Mother” Xyza Mizrahi – The Mind Behind “House of Mizrahi Philippines” and The Eclipse Vogue Ball

Mynila Meets Xyza Ragunjan aka “Mother” Xyza Mizrahi – The Mind Behind “House of Mizrahi Philippines” and The Eclipse Vogue Ball

Mynila Team October 28, 2018 Music & Culture

The Eclipse Vogue Ball is happening on Nov 24th and our Mynila staff wanted to know more about it, so here’s the interview with the founder!

What should we expect from the The Eclipse Vogue Ball experience?

The Eclipse Ball aims to fuse dance and fashion. During the ball you will experience a night of dancing in a fashion show like manner, where the competitors express themselves in their best way possible from the clothes they wear to how they present themselves on the runway.

There will be Four Winners under the following categories: Face, Runway, Hand Performance, and Vogue Performance.


Photo by Christopher Sy

This event aims to unite the dance community, the fashion industry and the LGBT community to create the ballroom scene in the country. This event is something new in the Philippines so it’s really best to witness it yourself!


Photo by Christopher Sy

Xyza Ragunjan aka “Mother” Xyza Mizrahi

How was “House of Mizrahi Philippines” born?

The House of Mizrahi was born last 2016 after I started teaching and sharing the knowledge about voguing when I came back from New York last 2015. This all started when I was deemed a member of the International House of Mizrahi after walking The Latex Ball last 2015 on the following categories: Women’s Performance, Face and Runway.


Photo by Christopher Sy

When I came back from New York and some dancers found out about my experience, they started asking me to teach the art of voguing.. and from there on I have been teaching Voguing to different groups and cities in the country. Until I met the right people who have the same passion for the style and hence The House of Mizrahi, Philippine Chapter was born.

Right now there are nine members of the House of Mizrahi Philippines coming from different groups in the country. Thereafter, I was deemed Mother of The House of Mizrahi Philippines.


Photo by Christopher Sy

When did your approach to “Voguing” start and can you explain to our readers what is it about?

Voguing is an artform. It is an expression, of who you are and what you feel through poses, walks hand performance and even up to what you wear. Voguing originated in New York city, started by the LGBT Community, where the objective is to create a safe and free space for everyone just to be themselves.


Photo by Christopher Sy

I discovered this world during the time I was also discovering me, as a dancer and as a performer. I was trying different styles learning from different artist until I came across this video “Vogue: A Life on the Dance Floor” and I was mesmerized.. I started digging deep into the style, the history and the culture. I travelled to Japan first and took classes from Koppi Mizrahi, and Javier Ninja. Then from here I was told that in order to see the authenticity and the realness of the style, of the Ballroom Culture, go where it was born. Hence I travelled to New York, where I took classes from Ceasar Valentino, Muhammad Omni, Leiomy Maldonado and many more. I was drawn to the scene and I fell in love with it.


Photo by Christopher Sy


Photo by Christopher Sy

In your workshops you teach hand performances, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performances and also three distinct styles of Vogue: Old Way (pre-1990); New Way (post-1990); and Vogue Fem (circa 1995). Can you explain more about the different styles and who are your references?

Its really hard to break down the different styles in words but here is a brief description of each:

Old Way is characterized by the formation of lines, boxes, poses with precision and grace, movement is more military and is inspired by martial arts. References: Andre Mizrahi, The House of Omni.

New Way was born when flexibility was introduced and incorporated with the previous style, it still includes rigid shapes, lines and poses. References: Willi Ninja and Jose Extravaganza.

Fem, from the word itself, is more feminine.  Movement with softer hands and wrists, and is best described by the five elements: hand performance, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance and dip. It is sub categorized to soft&cunt and dramatics. Reference: Leiomy Maldonado.


Photo by Christopher Sy

What does it take to become a “Voguer”?

Learn the elements, practice, know the history, dive into the culture and just be YOU!


Photo by Christopher Sy

Do not miss The Eclipse Ball on November 24th, whether you are a Voguer or you are curious about the event!

Tickets are available on Mynila HERE !!


Now let’s find out more about  Xyza!

Please tell us what are your favorite spots in Metro Manila for:

Seeing art exhibits: I don’t really have a favorite favorite place, because .. well I love going to museums, I love seeing different types of artistic expressions. So whenever or wherever I get a chance to see one I just go.

Eating: I love discovering food but I’m a vegetarian soooo.. when I find a place that’s vegetarian friendly BOOM! To name a few I love Salad Stop, Green Pastures, and Taco Vengo.

Drinking: my to go to place is Barcino and Refinery, because I love cocktails and wine

Shopping: SM Megamall because it’s like the easiest place to go for me.

Dancing: I haven’t really been out out recently but to name a few good places to go out and dance I’d suggest The Coconut Club at BGC, Black Market especially on Thursdays, XX XX and Nectar Nightclub.

Which area of Metro Manila you like the most and why:

I really don’t have a favorite place in Metro Manila, anywhere is good with me as long as I’m with great company!

Which place in the Philippines you like the most and why:

Coron is one of my favorite!! But basically by the beach, I am a water person soooo.. it keeps me calm, and centered.  Just bathing under the sun and being one with the water is loooove!!