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“Sometimes you have to stop so you can move forward” – Mynila Meets Two Door Cinema Club

“Sometimes you have to stop so you can move forward” – Mynila Meets Two Door Cinema Club

Mynila Team February 20, 2019 Music & Culture

Two Door Cinema Club: What to Know Before they Visit Manila on March 9th for Wanderland Music Festival!

You probably know them for the catchy guitar riff on “What You Know” or the captivating melody of “Sun”. If you missed them the last time they were here, then don’t miss them this year. Two Door Cinema Club is coming back to the Philippines and they will headline Wanderland Music and Arts Festival on March 9 to 10 at the Filinvest City Events Grounds in Alabang.

Composed of Alex Trimble (vocals, guitars), Sam Halliday (lead guitar, vocals), and Kevin Baird (bass, synths) the indie rock band from Northern Ireland will perform with other international and local artists such as The Kooks, Honne, Masego, Prep, Sandwich, Unique, Reese Lansangan, and Dayaw.

Mynila speaks with Two Door Cinema Club before their performance in Manila. Learn about their songwriting process, what they love about the Philippines, and more in our interview below.

It’s not your first time to visit the country, you came here to Manila for the first time in 2017. Can you share your most memorable experience in the Philippines?

I remember seeing the crowd go crazy. We’d waited so long to get to Manila so it was amazing to see everyone go crazy.

You guys have been touring for about 10 years playing in festivals all over the world. How do you think the festival crowd/culture changed from when you guys first started playing to now? Are there any differences to the crows and culture in different parts of the world?

Mobile phones!! When we started out no one took videos/pictures on their phones. That’s probably been the biggest change.

What’s the best part about touring? And the worst?

Best: Traveling the world with your mates

Worst: Never ending jetlag and being away from home

Two Door Cinema Club has been together for more than a decade. What inspires the band to tour and write more songs?

We don’t write for recognition. It’s always been about scratching our creative itch and having fun. Playing shows is just loads of fun and it’s kind of the bread and butter of what two door has always been about.

In 2013 you guys went into hiatus for two years but you reunited to release Gameshow in 2016 and have been going strong again ever since. How did you manage to overcome your issues and continue to work together to become even more successful?

We just needed some time away from the band and time to figure out how we could make it work going forward where everyone can be content. I think the key to it is, take things less seriously, make time for yourself, take care of yourself and keep it fun.

What advice can you give other bands who may be experiencing the exhaustion which often comes with success and touring?

Sometimes you have to stop so you can move forward. There’s always pressure that if you don’t release the album this year or play that show, your career will be over. It’s bullshit. Your career is over when you run yourself into the ground so play the long game and look after yourself.

Your last album, Game Show, collectively sounds different from your previous records. What inspired the sound?

Time really. It came out 4 years after Beacon so our tastes and influences had changed slightly.

How do you work on a song? Do the lyrics go first or is it the melody?

It’s different every time but mostly I’d say the music comes first.

Tell us about Tudor Cinema? Do you still love films? What are some of your favourite films?

Being on tour all the time means we watch a lot of films and tv shows! Couldn’t live without them! As a kid I always loved Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. I know every word.

What/who are you currently reading/watching and or listening to? (Books, series, podcasts)

I listen religiously to the Blindboy Podcast and currently I’m reading Heroic Failure by Fintan O’Toole.

Are any of you involved in other artistic projects?

We all write music all the time, not necessarily always for Two Door.

Who are your favorite artists at the moment?

Currently I’m loving Men I Trust and Kojaque

What can we expect from Two Door Cinema Club this year? Any plans of releasing a new record? And how different will it be musically and lyrically?

All I can say is, there will be new music, new shows.

Don’t miss Two Door Cinema Club on this year’s Wanderland!

Cover photo: Katy Cummings.

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