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Mynila Meets Torta Manila

Mynila Meets Torta Manila

Mynila Team October 23, 2018 Music & Culture

Torta Manila is a multimedia production company that documents Manila subcultures and co-produces shows around the Philippines.

This year they released Distraktors, a documentary series which features electronic acts based in Manila.

The latest episode spotlights beatmaker/experimental artist Similar Objects who has just returned to Manila from Red Bull Music Academy 20th Anniversary Edition in Berlin.


Distraktors Episode 2: Similar Objects

The first episode of the series introduces duo Tarsius – who blends electronic music and instrumentation. Diego Mapa (from bands Pedicab, Eggboy) and Jay Gapasin (from bands Radioactive Sago Project, Kapitan Kulam) of Tarsius will be attending this years Bizkaia International Music Experience (BIME) in Spain


Distraktors Episode 1 : Tarsius

Mynila spoke to Director Ada Dub and the Torta Manila team about the Distraktors series.


Torta Manila Director – Ada Dub

“Torta Manila was born out of a desire to showcase the music scene and culture in Manila, because, expectedly, only the mainstream scene was being shown and celebrated in media, and we felt that the underground scene was (and still is) so lively and much richer in talent and substance. It was easy to get started because we had the right formula to do it: being right smack in the middle of the scene with many friends who were artists and organizers, as well as having as the capacity and creative know-how to produce material we could be proud of. Our confidence that it would work came from the team’s trial success with “Tattour Pilipinas”.

We released the documentary “Distraktors” four years ago. It was a passion project for the team and was focused on capturing the underground electronic music scene at the time.”

“The new Distraktors “flash features” that we’ve released recently are building up towards a bigger project that we want to launch in the near future, and are focused on individual artists/groups.”

Who is the team and what are their roles?

The core group consists of four people:
Ada Dub – director
Dima Steady – technical manager
Justine Lourdes – communications manager
Paul Syfargo – production manager

Why did you want to document the electronic music scene in Manila?

We’re all music enthusiasts and involved in music, art, or production, one way or another: I’m a DJ who works as a video professional; Justine has experience handling public relations and marketing for a music events company; Alvin works in professional media production; Paul handles large productions for a large foreign company. Besides that, no one else seemed to be doing the type of production we wanted to tackle, and we felt we could do it justice by doing it well.

When is the next episode coming out and who can we expect to see in future episodes?

We want to keep those features a surprise, but you can expect that they’ll include movers and shakers of the underground music scene in Manila.

Keep up to date with the latest Distraktors episode and other Torta Manila projects on their FB page.