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Mynila Meets Red-I

Mynila Meets Red-I

Mynila Team July 2, 2018 Music & Culture

Red-I is a DJ, producer, promoter and venue owner who travels the world to share music and who brings acts to Manila to share culture.

He is part of Red-I Sound, creator of Irie Sunday, Dubplate Manila and part owner of B-Side, Black Market, XXXX and 20:20. He has releases with Dub Temple Records (Australia), SVBKVLT (Shanghai) and OTO Records (Japan). He has played alongside Sister Nancy, Johnny Osbourne, Ranking Joe, Macka B, Daddy Freddy, Ziggy Marley, Nas, Mobb Deep, Dj Premier, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Vibronics, Tippa Irie, Brother Culture, Million Styles, Echo Ranks, Mighty Crown, Dj Krush, The Bug, Kode 9, RSD The Gaslamp Killer, Free The Robots, D Styles, Dj QBert, J Rocc, Onra, Samiyam, Teebs, Dj Nu-Mark, Tokimonsta and More.

Red-I speaks to Mynila about his musical roots and getting inspiration from understanding different cultures.

What’s the history behind RedI and how did your musical endeavours begin?

I’ve been always surrounded with music at home since my childhood. My father taught me how to play drums at age of 12 and we used to have family jams at my titos house. Basically everyone in my family are music lovers: they all play instruments, collect music, etc…

In the mid 90’s, I used to be in band called 22 Caliber: We played hardcore rap-metal.

In the early 2000 we formed a band called Pure Natural: it was a combination of Reggae and Hip-hop. Lastly, we founded Down Boy Down, an electronic downtempo trio in 2002. I guess that’s where my music journey started!


Tell us about the iconic ice cream truck

Back in the days, we didn’t have a venue to play. We used to do DJ residencies in other bars/venues around Makati and found sometimes found it very hard to play music that we really liked. So me and my partner PJ aka DON P were always talking about having a mobile sound system set up where we could just plug and play our music anytime we wanted. We are both big fans of reggae bass sound system culture. One day we were driving around makati and got lost, we entered a one way road and saw the ice cream truck for sale at a gas station…That was it! We ended up buying it a few days after!


We’ve seen the new 7” release, tell us more about that

It’s a tune called “Natty Dread I Beat” It’s a collaboration with Ras Taro featuring veteran Reggae MC’s  PAPA U-Gee & Ras Kanto from Japan, presented by OTO Records & produced by I.


Mynila staff are addicted to your beat-tapes. Each of them is dedicated to a specific country: how do you find traditional music and where did you get your inspiration to make those mix-tapes?

I get my inspiration from traveling and understanding different cultures. When I’m in a new country it’s always nice to know the history of their music, so every time we travel abroad this is my first mission! Find a local record shop or thrift store and get some old traditional local music to sample.  I always carry those experiences and inspirations with me when I make music.

Last year you went to Europe for a summer tour: which country did you enjoy the most and what musical inspirations did bring back to Manila?

Barcelona and Amsterdam are some of my favorite places now…the inspiration I got from there is the open mindedness of people. I like to be in that kind of environment and really hope to go back and do more shows next year!

Rumour has it a sound system is on the way, tell us about that?

We’ve been planning it for a long time…it’s still in the process. I can’t wait to introduce the power of Roots/Dub music on a proper sound system to the people here in Manila: experiencing and hearing Dub music on a Proper Sound System is a must!

What can we expect to hear from Red i for the rest of 2018?

I been working on a new DUB album which will be out on OTO Records this year, a label based in Tokyo, Japan. this will be my second album printed on Vinyl. Looking forward to sharing this one!

You collaborate with a lot of local artists in your own studio. Which Filipino artists should we look out for?

There are so many good talents here in Manila! Here are just a few names I’m digging from Reggae, Dub to Beats and experimental you need to listen or check out live:


Clavier Bloc

Good Leaf

Lady I

Caliph 8

Pasta Groove

Auspicious Fam

Obelisc aka Moon Fear Moon


Plus Sloj and this this kid called “Lozano”

Please name an album everyone should have and listen to?!

You can’t force anyone to listen to certain music or certain sounds you like.  Everyone has different stories and journeys..

But here are some of my recommendations… these albums helped me to shape my sound, I really enjoyed listening to them growing up:

Kruder & Dorfmeister – The K&D Sessions


Thievery Corporation – Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi


Smith & Mighty – Big World Small World


King Tubby – Meets Rockers Uptown


Dubkasm – Transform I


Disrupt  – The Bass Has Left The Building 


Mungos Hi-Fi – Forward Ever


Midnite – Infinite Quality