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Mynila Meets: La Crema

Mynila Meets: La Crema

Mynila Team February 28, 2020 Music & Culture

Ahead of their performance this Saturday at Circus 2020, get to know La Crema!

Who are La Crema members?

We have a lot of members since we like to jam but main ones are:

Lucas Floyd: crazy sh** frontman, crazy sh** person.

Gabe Dandan: the best guitarist but worst at being on time.

Alex Price: big drummer boy, never late (he lives where we practice).

Migui Bautista: percussion and kembot master, batch 2021.

Giro Alva: walang ID pero magaling mag-bass.

Don Fonghe: our saxoman, imported from Siargao when we can head there, or he swims to Manila.

Gus Viat: pogi na mahilig sa gummy worms, laughtrip magkalat with a guitar.

Raph Galvez: manager lang…


Alex Price, Migui Bautista and Giro Alva – Cover Photo: Lucas Floyd and Gabe Dandan -Photo Credit: Kristelle Ramos

Tell us the story of how the band came about

It started with Lucas being a fan of Ang Bagong Luto ni Enriquez and watching Gabe and Alex play. He asked them to do a project inspired by Frank Zappa, GG Allin, and their own tasty sounds to make La Crema!

Were you writing new music together then?

Always! Up to now we’re mostly over at Alex’s place writing music, hanging out, and having a good time!

Tell us more about your songwriting process, in terms of lyrics, melody, etc.

Practically every gig and jam we do is a new idea for a song. So we just play together all the time and make lyrics for songs that we want to do. Its all about the organic feel and interaction between us.

Do you like to lock yourself away or do you feed off other people in the room?

We always have friends over to jam with and learn from!! We like to invite people to experience La Crema with us and come jam or just hang out when we practice!

Who are your music inspirations?

We have a lot but mostly Frank Zappa (Mothers of Invention), GG Allin performances, The Doors, Tommy Guerrero, etc…

You just released a new single “Just Dance”, when will your EP be out?

That’s a surprise for now, follow the pages to find out! But we have a lot of cool things already recorded and more planned out!

What people should expect from your upcoming lives?

More music, more rock and roll, and more magical days and nights.

And finally some Mynila Meets Questions! What are you favorite spots in Metro Manila for…

Eating: Karinderia near Alex’s place

Drinking:  Everywhere! Casa Bambu is our home spot but we like to go to Limbo and Spirit’s Library a lot.

Dancing: Limbo!!

Shopping: Ukay-ukay, malls are wack and not funky.

Which area of Metro Manila do you like the most and why? Bahay ni Alex o bahay ni Raph

Catch La Crema this Saturday at Circus 2020!