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Mynila Meets Filmmaker and Photographer JC Gellidon

Mynila Meets Filmmaker and Photographer JC Gellidon

Mynila Team October 29, 2018 Music & Culture

Mynila staff discovered JC Gellidon while searching for Metro Manila skyscraper images. What we found, apart from the great shots, was an amazing photographer and filmmaker!

JC Gellidon is an independent filmmaker and a photographer based in Makati, he has been shooting since 2014 but he actually got his first camera last year in 2017: Sony gave him one and he became a Sony Ambassador!

I love shooting architecture, streets and any random subjects. I’m always fascinated with symmetry and geometry. I think it’s cool. I use a Red Gemini 5k for videos and a Sony A9 for photos and a bunch of lenses but my favorite is the Sony 24-70mm GM f2.8 lens and the 16-35mm GM lens.


What is your favorite project so far?

I love all of my projects, especially my passion projects. Parang, pag masaya ka sa result favorite mo na! (When you are happy with the results, it becomes your favorite!)


What are you currently working on?

I’m working on five music videos right now and a bunch of lifestyle videos.

What advice do you have for aspiring photographers/videographers?

Go out and shoot, explore. Be a risk taker, yet smart.

What were you doing before becoming a filmmaker and a photographer? 

I was a sound engineer and a musician, I used to play drums and produce music. I’m also a graphic artist and a dancer haha!


Can you tell us a funny story that happened while shooting?

I once went to a gig in BGC without an SD Card (Memory card) but good thing I decided to message a friend without knowing where she was and she likely had a 4GB SD card in her wallet and was also in BGC!
After that I went to a gig without a battery so ayun (so there), lesson learned.

It’s crazy how irresponsible you are kahit sobrang ingat and sobrang nag prepare ka na (even if you are already carefully prepared). I guess having a list of your gear is a must!


How would you describe your style?

I am not sure about that. I like black and whites and also I like colored. It depends on the mood I guess?




Tell us about your process when collaborating with music artists for videos: do you have your own vision, do you work with the artist, do you consider the song?

I need to know the song first and the artist (client), I interview them and talk about the song, kailangan sync kami eh and mag jive (we need to be synced and connect). It’s like having a team mate sa isang game, kailangan mag sync (in a game, we need to be on the same page) to produce good product.

What are some of your favourite videos/films?

There’s a lot actually! Hindi ko ma (I can’t) justify unless we talk in person haha! It depends on my mood eh.

Who are some of your favourite photographers?

Usually I’m influenced by my friends and everyone around me.

Please tell us what are your favorite spots in Metro Manila for:

Eating & Drinking: Ohhhhh! Of course Poblacion: good food and good vibes and yes I live here too.

Shopping: it depends on what you need and want. I don’t do shopping that much unless we buy furniture or appliances or other tito (uncle) things money can buy but again not those expensive things. Hehe

Dancing: Dancing, sa dance floor lang (simply on the dancefloor): any floor would do. Haha! I don’t dance or disco so no idea hahaha!

Which area of Metro Manila you like the most and why:

I like Makati, I love the city, that’s why I moved here from Sta. Rosa Laguna. I love the busy streets and urban vibe of it.


Which place in the Philippines you like the most and why:

I think Batanes is my favorite. I can live there, sobrang babait ng mga tao, sobrang ganda ng environment nila (The people there are very kind and their environment is so beautiful). It’s like New Zealand in the Philippines! Except lang sa (just) weather, it’s crazy and very unpredictable. I highly recommend it to all visual artists, and your camera can’t do the justice unless you guys have a drone. You need one so you can appreciate the beauty of the island.