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Mynila Meets Dj and Producer Toro

Mynila Meets Dj and Producer Toro

Mynila Team December 3, 2018 Music & Culture

Born and raised in Italy, Toro aka Roman Torosky is a dj and producer now based in Metro Manila. Mynila team spoke to him about his Music!



We first saw you djing when dubstep just started, now, after 10 years what is the music genre that you are listening to?

Back in Italy  I always listened to electronic music, dubstep (Caspa, Rusko, Benga, Skream, Excision), drum&bass (Dj Hype, Calix E Teebee, Noisia, Sub Focus, Pendulum, Chase and Status) but also rock music, especially crossover (System of a Down, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit).

When I moved to Manila in 2015 I had the chance to be guested at home by one of the greatest Filipino musicians, Allen Umali, a bass player and multi-instrumentalist (Sinosikat, Karl Roy – P.O.T.): I used to wake up in the morning listening to him playing bass and he introduced me to funk music: eventually, I started listening and loving funk music!

Right now I do not listen to a specific genre: I love funk, I started appreciating house music thank to Time (a venue in Makati) where I used to go to end my night (or start my morning) after Black Market! I do also keep listening to rock, metal, hip hop and trap.

What music are you producing recently?

To be honest I can’t define the genre I am producing: I simply bring out what’s inside me! And it really cannot be limited to a single genre.

Back in Milan you opened for many worldwide famous djs: who’s the artist that really thrilled you?

I had the chance to meet many artists: Excision, Zomboy, Venetian Snares, Jazzsteppa, Emalkay, Tomba, Zomboy, Niveau Zero, Culprate, Shekel, Son of Kick, Eptic, Bong Ra, Mrk1, Xilent and the Bug. Opening their gigs was a blast everytime!



When you started doing music, why did you decide to use software instead of picking up an instrument?

I’ve been always been attracted to guitars, but probably having started using the computer from a very early age, pushed me to make music with a software such as Reason.

Who are the Filipino artists you would recommend listening to?

The music scene in Metro Manila is massive, I suggest listening to all these artists live: Red-I, Soulflower, Caliph8, NonPlus, Don P, Norris King, Big Answer Sound, Mulan, Allen Umali, Samantha Nicole, Alinep, Tino Valentino, Br3aking Silence, Queso, Greyhoundz, Cosmic Love, Deep Sleep, Adadub, Dj Reiz (Japinoiz), Dj Trigga and B Boy Garcia (Dj Momukhamo).

You recently collaborated with some artists from the local music scene: can you tell us more?

One of my recent collaborations is with Tempes, an artist originally from Tondo: I merged together three different tracks in one music video. I also have an upcoming project with Tino Valentino and two rappers from Laguna.

Migos’ Remix by Toro

Where can we see you play in Metro Manila?

You can find me very often in Poblacion area: at Cafè Curieaux, Dr. Wine, Pura Vida.

To know where he will be playing next, follow Toro on his Fb romantorosky / Toro Prod and IG romantorosky