Looking for Unique Finds? HUB Make Lab is The Right Spot for You!

Looking for Unique Finds? HUB Make Lab is The Right Spot for You!

DANICA DEL VALLE December 30, 2018 Lifestyle

Back in its glory days, during 1900s-1930s, Escolta was the melting pot in Manila where tons of people would love to go shop, dine, and work. This “Queen of the Streets” is also the site of many firsts in the Philippines!

Escolta is the first headquarters of GMA and its the first place to have an elevator, movie parlor, and an ice cream shop.


Ph – Lou Gopal

Cool, right? It’s also the residence of the historic and magnificent El Hogar building, and many more buildings. However, other cities started to grow and become popular that made the Queen of the Streets withered.


Ph – Lou Gopal

It might not be glamorous today, but you can still see the traces of its rich past. It’s the place rich in culture and history. It’s a good spot to take pictures, but remember, to always be wary of your surroundings and safeguard your gadgets!

Today, the streets of Escolta may be quiet in the morning but after the sun sets, you’ll be amazed to see the beauty of this forgotten place. Thanks to the continuous efforts of artists and young entrepreneurs, Escolta is being put in the limelight once more.

On the First United Building lies a hip shop for people who are looking for unique finds. It started with monthly Saturday Future Market, with the collaborative help of creatives and startups, the market is no longer a Saturday thing, but a permanent one now. Hub Make Lab offers different products for different people. It may seem like a warehouse, full of trinkets for people who has a special eye for artistry.



From organic skin care to environment-friendly journals, one might spot something unique and weird thing that matches their taste. There are many products to choose from. Hub Make Lab, also has a barber shop right at the entrance, if you need some haircut. They also sell organic skin care, metallic straws, bamboo toothbrush, and even clothes and jewelry! The products they sell in the HUB Make Lab are pretty affordable, too! You may also see some artworks by the budding creatives in the art industry. Be sure to check that out #SupportLocal, you guys!



These are all designed and sold by young entrepreneurs striving to make their name known in the market. Hub Make Lab is the perfect spot for people who want to avoid the mall rush, with tons of people talking loudly and crowded shops and escalator. It is a shop with serene surroundings, the music isn’t too loud and the lights are dimly-lit, a perfect combo for relaxation.

Although its interior changed over the years, it will be always true to its roots. A place where people enjoy shopping and see the blossoming revival of Escolta. Not only is this a market, but HUB Make Lab also hosts arts and crafts workshop and gallery for budding artists. So, watch out for that!



After a day of shopping cap off your day with a coffee to replenish your energy at The Den, it is inside the HUB Make Lab, or a bottle of cold craft beer at Fred’s Revolucion located right beside it.

It’s worth the trip, I promise! #AtinTo, so let’s support the continuous efforts of reviving the Queen of the Streets, so we can see her blossom again!