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Looking for a Vegetarian Restaurant in Metro Manila? Corner Tree Cafe is Definitely Your Place!

Looking for a Vegetarian Restaurant in Metro Manila? Corner Tree Cafe is Definitely Your Place!

Mynila Team April 5, 2018 Food & Drink

CORNER TREE CAFE can be considered the home of comfort vegetarian food in Manila: they serve food from Asia to Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas in a cosy intimate setting. They also offer good wines, local beers and some house cocktails.


Photo by Neal Oshima

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy our delicious food. In fact most of our customers are omnivores, but vegetarians will feel right at home here (we also serve some vegan and gluten-free dishes). To add to our regular menu, we have weekly specials sometimes inspired by current events or international days.


Spinach feta croquettes


Spinach and mushrooms lasagna


Spaghettini with broccoli and toasted nuts

Here’s the story behind CORNER TREE CAFE, explained by Chiqui Mabanta, the owner:

I’ve wanted to open a vegetarian café for a long time. While visiting my sister Giovanna Mabanta in London in 1996, I saw how easy it was to eat healthily.  I was also exposed to the idea of vegetarian food being mainstream.

I then got excited with the idea of setting up a cosy place that would serve tasty, hearty meals with both vegetarian and vegan (no eggs, no dairy) dishes, and to present the food as great comfort food but with no meat. This was something new for Manila.

To test the market, my friend Michelle & I sold vegetarian food at organic markets and bazaars for a year, after which I felt ready to launch the cafe, supported by good friends and family.  I had a clear idea of the sort of  neighbourhood cafe I wanted, which would create a little community-like feel attracting like-minded people.  After meeting with several malls, this tiny spot next to a large narra tree on a corner of Jupiter Street, Makati became available. The location provided our name and we opened the CORNER TREE CAFE on 25 May 2009.


Kare-kareng gulay

CORNER TREE CAFE has since attracted a wide range of customers — from office workers, expats, teenagers, elderly people, children (believe it or not), backpackers, yogis, weight-watchers to plain healthy eaters. In fact, our customers are people who simply like good food (meat or no meat) and many are actually carnivores!

Because of our growing consciousness, we are able to make better choices for our health, the animals’ and our planet’s well-being. We feel it is the right  time and place to contribute to this positive growth.


Vegan and gluten-free chocolate cake