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Lockdown Cinema Club: Watch all You Want, Give What You Can!

Lockdown Cinema Club: Watch all You Want, Give What You Can!

Mynila Team March 26, 2020 Music & Culture

The Lockdown Cinema Club is an initiative by Independent Filipino filmmakers to reach and help Independent Filipino film workers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project introduces a collection of films from the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries to the public in a campaign to raise monetary donations for the most vulnerable members of the Filipino independent film community.

The initiative invites members of the online community to watch films from their online catalogues and donate in accordance to their capabilities under the unifying slogan “Watch all you want, give what you can.” The funds will be directed to low income film industry workers which include but are not limited to set-men, grips, production assistants, and post-production staff.

Since early March, a month-long community quarantine was implemented with most companies requiring employees to work from home in order to adhere to the quarantine measures. However, this also meant that film productions were put on hold, and our film workers are in a dangerous position of not being able to acquire necessary income for a whole month. More than 500 film workers are at the moment displaced. The numbers are bound to increase as the quarantine stretches.

This is why we’re asking for your help. Fellow Independent Filipino film workers displaced due to the lockdown will benefit from any contributions made through this project. We hope we can be partners with you in this endeavor, and that hand-in-hand we can help our film workers during these troubling times.

Binge-watch these and many more amazing short films at home. Full list of short movies on Lockdown Cinema Club Fb page.

Sheron Dayoc, As He Sleeps (2012) 14 mins 

Jon Lazam, Tatlong Engkanto (2016) 12 mins

Noel Escondo, Nakaw (2016) 5 mins | Drama

JP Habac, Maria (2016) 10 mins | Comedy

Isabelle Matutina, Imik (2012) 40 mins

Kenneth Lim Dagatan, Sanctissima (2016) 15 mins 

Rob Jara, Maliw (2013) 44 mins 

Judd Figuerres, Brownout sa Neighborhood Namin that Day (2011) 39 mins 

Isabelle Quesada, Pektus (2015) 20 mins | Drama


United in this initiative are the Directors’ Guild of the Philippines, Inc. and its directors Paolo Villaluna, Babyruth Villarama, and Pepe Diokno, Ang Lupon ng Pilipinong Sinematograpo, and The Ricky Lee Scriptwriting workshop. Majority of the volunteers of the Lockdown Cinema Club are film students from student film organizations such as UP Cineastes, UP Cinema, and UP Cinema Arts Society.

Lockdown Cinema Club, an initiative formed by and composed of film practitioners, students, and enthusiasts including filmmakers Carl Chavez, Dodo Dayao and Pam Miras, producers Alemberg Ang, Pat Sumagui, assistant director Camille Aragona and Xeph Suarez, cinematographer Mackie Galvez, production designer Mao Fadul, and film students Christine Dela Paz and Pat Pamintuan among others– aims to provide funds to the members of the freelance filmmaking community who need it the most.