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Listen to this Brand New Release Directly from Quezon City!

Listen to this Brand New Release Directly from Quezon City!

Mynila Team June 26, 2019 Music & Culture

Brandon Cueto is a singer, songwriter and producer from Quezon City, “I Just Wanna Say I’m Not Okay But Can’t Do it Like Gerard Way” is his brand new indie/electronica/hip-hop release.

“Artists are often quoted they do their art solely to express themselves, but ‘how vulnerable’ is something that varies greatly among them. I found that in my years of writing, my songs have been too personal that it had to take forms wherein sensitive topics do not come out as vivid imagery rather just blurry snapshots. In the emo genre, they go all out, in this track it’s the opposite. 

I hope this resonates with the many who find it difficult to open up about their problems/difficulties/even their mental and emotional health.”

Who are your music inspirations in the Philippines?

Although I don’t rap, I have always been a fan of Gloc-9, Loonie, Ron Henley – basically that batch of rappers. My productions are mostly indie/electronica, but you can easily tell they are smeared with hip-hop. Pinoy rap is inspirational to me, in that I feel my weakness is storytelling – something that these rappers excel in.

Gloc-9 sums it up in one of his lines: “Ibang klase kung sumulat, para kang kinakausap.” I want to reach that level of connection in my genre even if it’s not through words – to bring you to a different place, as if you were there as I was dreaming up all these sounds.

Other music influences would be my brothers at our collective (Pixel Collective). They have this spirit of creating for the sake of just pure and simple “I want this new kind of music to exist, I’ll make it.”

Would you like to collaborate with some Filipino artist?

I am more inclined to collab with artists in another art form – chefs, sculptors, comedians etc. So you have the award winning chefs at Toyo, jewelry makers at 13 Lucky Monkey – just genius pinoy artists.

Last March you released “Man on a Mission”: what is your current mission?

My current mission right now is to create music, art, design, memes even, that will leave this world a better place. And thanks to the internet, the influence of these content is even larger. There are a lot of real world problems right now that I think the first step is a collective change in attitude – care for the environment, stop killings, acceptance of other communities. I think art has a lot of power in that.