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Leonardo da Vinci in Manila

Leonardo da Vinci in Manila

Mynila Team November 6, 2019 Music & Culture

This month, on the occasion of the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, a series of cultural activities in Manila will celebrate the multi-faceted genius and icon of the Renaissance.

The Philippine Italian Association, the Italian Embassy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines joined hands to organize a program of cultural and artistic activities aimed at remembering and spreading knowledge of Leonardo da Vinci and the relevance of his achievements in our contemporary world.

The Last Supper – dinner and lecture (November 13)


The Last Supper, Photo Courtesy of

The Last Supper is certainly one of the most famous paintings of the Italian Renaissance. The story of Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, its relevance, its messages will be narrated in the context of the Renaissance period and with the emergence of Humanism.

On November 13, at the Italian restaurant Caruso, in Bel Air, Makati, an introduction on the secrets of Leonardo’s “The Last Supper” will be given by Mr. James Freney, a Director of the PIA.

The presentation on the Last Supper will initially cover the context in which da Vinci lived, the Renaissance which was an extraordinary period in Western civilization accompanied with Humanism as its core philosophical guide.

A Leonardo’s themed menu will be specially concocted by Mr. Emilio Mina, restaurant Director.

Cook-off with Leonardo

November 05-06 (Lectures in Universities)
November 14 (Cooking contest)


This culinary contest is being held in honor of Leonard da Vinci’s five hundredth anniversary of his passing. Leonardo da Vinci is best known for his world famous paintings, sculptures and numerous inventions, many of which were centuries before their time. It comes as a surprise to almost everyone when they discover that his first and only real love had nothing to do with his talent with a brush, chisel or his genius in designing and building machines.

As a small boy, Leonardo’s father remarried with a young lady whose family had a bakery. Leonardo was a chubby boy, loved to eat and he spent hours in the kitchen learning how to cook. Later on as a teenager, while attending a school for the arts and needing spending money, he found work at a restaurant on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence called Le Tre Lumache (The Three Snails). There he worked as an assistant cook and eventually, due to the unexplained poisoning over a period of time of the twenty cooks who worked there, became head cook. He would, even in this “art,” show his need to develop/invent a concept that is very similar to Nouvelle Cuisine. Unfortunately, patrons of the restaurants did not appreciate the minimalist approach to the food that was served.

His passion for the culinary arts will continue throughout his life. It is not a well known fact that he preferred to cook more than he did to paint or sculpt. Many of his early inventions were all thought of to make things easier for cooks in the kitchen.

This cooking contest is meant to honor the world’s best known genius mind for what he really wanted to be known as, Leonardo da Vinci: “Master Cook”. The theme of this cooking contest will be cooking as it was done in Leonardo da Vinci’s time, the Renaissance period.

“Being Leonardo Da Vinci, an impossible interview” at Cine Europa Manila (November 19)


Based on the homonymous show of success, a unique movie dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. Filmed between the United States, France and Italy, the incredible make-up of Finazzer Flory’s face and a choreographic recitation that embodies the body of Leonardo gives us back not only its history but also in directing terms the influence of Leonardo in our aesthetics cinematographic too.

A universal icon, 500 years after his death. A film that holds together the linguistic originality through the Renaissance language and the technological quality of our time.

DATE: On November 19, 5:00 PM (Film Presentation by Actor and Director, Mr. Finazzer Flory (access is free, first come first served) and 8:00 PM (Film screening)
VENUE: Cinematheque Center Manila, Film Development Council of the Philippines, Kalaw Street, Manila.

Being Leonardo da Vinci – the Masterclass (November 20)


This masterclass will deal with the topic of interdisciplinarity through the conjugation of:
Art and Science
Memory and Imagination
Tradition and Technology
Theater and Cinema

Leonardo defined himself not only as an artist and a philosopher, as scientists were called at that time, but also as an inventor. According to him, an inventor is a person able to create an artifact or an artwork by assembling different elements in a new configuration that doesn’t exist in nature. This definition comes very close to our concept of Designer, which did not exist in the Renaissance; in fact Leonardo summarized in his work art, science and functionality, which today is what we call Design.

In this masterclass they will explain how cinematic techniques have absorbed Leonardo’s teaching, by conjugating photography, editing and screenplay together with history and pictorial theories, in order to raise Nature and Environment to the role of protagonist.

Today this philosophy is supported by the school of thought known as Deep Ecology.


· Introduction by Mr. Finazzer Flory
· Screening of his short movie (24min), titled “Being Leonardo da Vinci, an impossible interview”
· Discussion and Q&A

Date: November 20, 2:00 PM
Venue: Dream Theatre, Cultural Center of the Philippines

 Leonardo: Wine & Cuisine (November 20)


Leonardo Da Vinci is celebrated as a Renaissance polymath and archetypal genius in the fields of arts, literature, math, science, etc. However, unbeknownst to many, he was also a budding nutritionist that was always intrigued by food. In fact, Da Vinci came up with meticulous culinary notebooks filled with insights on food, wine & the kitchen that are noteworthy and inspiring.

This November 20, as part of the commemoration, a special Dinner and Lecture on “Leonardo da Vinci, Wine & Cuisine” with Chef Salvatore Arria and Sommelier Mr. Luca Galli, will be held at Ponte Rialto at the Venice Grand Canal Mall, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

7:00 PM registration
7:30 PM presentation: Leonardo in the kitchen and in the cellar
8:00 PM dinner

Being Leonardo da Vinci, an impossible interview – The Play! (November 21)

The show is Leonardo’s true life portrayed on stage. Discovering the story behind Leonardo, the painter, the scientist, the inventor. His authentic language, his secrets, methods of working, passions.
Renowned Italian director and actor Massimiliano Finazzer Flory’s latest project brings the immensely multi-talented Leonardo da Vinci to life again on the stage.

Being Leonardo da Vinci is a one-act play, which uses theater to stage the Italian genius’s true life, art history and science. Through the format of an impossible interview, Finazzer Flory “physically” becomes Leonardo. Dressed in period costumes and wearing make-up which reconstructs da Vinci’s face, he performs in Renaissance language original texts written by Leonardo himself, among which is the famous “Trattato di pittura” (Painting Treatise). Finazzer Flory’s Leonardo answers questions about his childhood, his civil and military activities, and how to become a “good painter” (bono pittore), and about the relationship between Painting and Science, Painting and Sculpture, Painting and Music. He comments on “The Last Supper” and the figures of the apostles, replies to his enemies’ attacks, prophesies man’s flying, and finally offers maxims and aphorisms to live by in our times.

Language: English and Renaissance Italian (with English subtitles) lingua Rinascimentale.
“The impossible interview” will be conducted by Lito Casaje.

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