La Local Store: A One-Stop Shop for Filipino-Made Products

La Local Store: A One-Stop Shop for Filipino-Made Products

Ela Bendaña January 10, 2019 Lifestyle

Our love for the country (and shopping!) paved a way to the birth of this homegrown retail lounge in Manila. La Local Store is now making a name in the industry not only for commercial competency but also for its own advocacy. “Gawang Lokal. Home-Grown.”

Truly, Filipinos have become more into local products and services these days. More entrepreneurs also started introducing their new homegrown brands to the public, offering products that promote economic and ecological sustainability.

It has been almost a year since La Local Store in Manila joined the pool and held its soft-opening on January 2018. It is now home to a number of curated and Filipino-made products that range from food, novelties, homeware decorations, to the most trendy fashion pieces. So if you’re someone who prefers easy and quick access to on-hand items, this one-stop shop is perfect for you!


La Local houses more than 80 local brands in its 90-square meter store including Dreamweaver Studio, Pasadya Manila, Geo Plants and Decors, and others. It also holds small bazaars for Filipino entrepreneurs, keeping the place packed with the latest finds. Nestled in the busy streets of Manila, it is surely a catch especially for young professionals with such hectic schedules!




“One-stop” it really is, for unlike other retail lounges, it also features a snack bar with its partners including Bowl’d Manila, The Lemon 101 and Taho Bar that will save you from your last minute cravings!



The store also serves as a venue for workshops, gatherings, and exhibits. What else can it not offer?


Despite the hype that the store is continuously getting, La Local team still makes sure to keep track of their environmental impact. This, surely, remains one of the most important aspects of retailing especially nowadays.

“We also support sustainability and the zero-waste campaign as we try to lessen our plastic usage everyday. With that, we use old magazines and turn them into paper bags — which we use as our packaging for our customers’ purchases,” they said.



La Local Store is located at 810 Castro Street, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila and opens from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Mondays to Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Sundays.

(All images are from La Local Store’s Instagram account ( unless stated otherwise.)