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Karin Melón: Norwegian-Filipino Producer and Rapper Releases Her Debut Album “Ups & Downs”

Karin Melón: Norwegian-Filipino Producer and Rapper Releases Her Debut Album “Ups & Downs”

Mynila Team March 10, 2020 Music & Culture

Hailing from a small town in Norway, Karin Melón’s upbringing as an only child, with a Filipino mother and an absent father in a foreign country influence her music and subjects.

“When I was a kid I remember growing up in my hometown Haugesund, where our building had a lot of people who were on social welfare. We had a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts hanging around in the backyard. We were never poor compared to other places in the world, but my mom had to work really hard to learn the language and support me by herself. With the little money we had, she forced me to take piano lessons and other activities as a kid.”

As a classic pianist as a child and later drum major at college, Karin’s background with different instruments aids her in her ability to produce her own unique sound. She thrives at the border of synthetic sounds mixed with real instruments.

“I think it’s important to make good, likeable music that is relatable, while staying true to myself and my message.” she explains.

Last year she released “Serious” (2017), with a summer vibe that marketed the first release towards her new musical direction inspired by gospel, soul and Filipino music.

She is a known figure in the Norwegian hiphop community and had a cameo in the NRK documentary “Takin Ova – The History of Norwegian Hiphop” (2017) and an interview in the Norwegian book “New Hiphop heads” (2018) from well known Norwegian music journalist Øyvind Holen.

Karin Melón is an independent rapper, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. “Ups & Downs” is an emotionally charged autobiographical debut album, where she opens up about past struggles.  The album includes 9 tracks with features from “Damien” and previous Norwegian Grammy Awards nominee “Son of Light” from Tee Productions. It opens with “Lola & Lolo”, a tribute to her Filipino roots and grandparents who she unfortunately never meet.

On “Don’t Worry” she recounts her experience growing up with her strong mother, who travelled halfway across the world for love more than 30 years ago. Little did she know that this was the last time she saw her parents. “Dear Father” settles a score with her dad who abandoned them before he even meet his daughter.

Fortunately life also includes some ups. In 2017 Karin got married. “I Said Yes” is a song of love and happiness. Some of those moments in life where true happiness appears. Fear has many faces. “Alone” featuring “Son of Light” is a song about battling depression, anxiety and loneliness. A feeling many can relate to. Her openness about her life’s ups and downs, has made her a role model. Her songs includes relatable stories about everyday struggles.