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Jimmy “Eat my Balls” by Tronche de Vie

Jimmy “Eat my Balls” by Tronche de Vie

Jimmy “Eat my Balls” by Tronche de Vie

Mynila Team December 4, 2018 Music & Culture

Tronche de Vie is a wordplay on the French words “tronche” which means “to face” and “tranche de vie” which means “slice of life”. The team behind it believe that we all have a purpose on earth, and this series shares the compelling stories of different characters and the good that they offer to the world.

Tronche de Vie is a web TV series which focuses on a different character in each episode and shows interesting facets of each person’s life. This series is an optimistic take on the lives of these characters and aims to enlighten viewers, open their minds, and change existing perspectives to a positive point.

These are all people they simply encounter in the streets, the kind that you easily overlook, yet have the most captivating story to tell.

We see the world through their eyes, their hopes and dreams, their reason for doing what they do. Why does Jimmy sell his Balls?

The project started three years ago when French producer, director & DOP Stephane Morel attended a documentary workshop in Manila: one of the tasks was to go out in the streets and shoot, so the first Tronche de Vie episode was born.

Jimmy “Eat my balls” used to sell street food outside B-Side in the Collective in Makati, where Stephane used to attend the Irie-Sunday event and, with his strong sense humor, Jimmy quickly caught Stephan’s attention and became the character of the first Tronche de Vie’s episode.

For the upcoming episodes expect stories of people who found purpose in life, such as Carlo from Pampanga, who switched from a corporate life/steady job to something he loves to do: farming and teaching people how to grow organic vegetables.

All existing episodes have been shot featuring both locals and foreigners living in the Philippines. The next series will take place in France and Thailand, and eventually across the globe.

We believe there is more Tronche de Vie to discover in the world!

Subscribe their YouTube channel to view all the episodes! Tronche De Vie

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