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Jessica Dorizac Debuts Solo Exhibit, “Arranging Shapes” at Futur:st!

Jessica Dorizac Debuts Solo Exhibit, “Arranging Shapes” at Futur:st!

Mynila Team May 20, 2019 Music & Culture

100 artworks, with not one piece sharing the same design on show at Futur:st!

Words by Samantha Nicole

“Arranging Shapes” is Dorizac’s debut solo exhibit, which recently opened in Futur:st:

“[They’re] small cutout paper sculptures made from 20th century Japanese cardboard,” Jessica Dorizac describes.



Carefully aligned and spaced, each piece is an invitation to sit down and study, making for a reflective moment in quite a social space.

“50 I did in a month, 50 I did the last two days,” Jessica Dorizac shares.



The Australia-born, Philippines-based artist has shown in prestigious galleries such as The Drawing Room and during Art Basel in Hong Kong with her partner, Miguel Aquilizan.

When asked what made her decide to finally do a solo exhibition, she replied:

“After three years of being here I finally felt comfortable showing work that had been brewing for some time.”

Call it apprehension or necessity but those three years bore a show that is meticulous, complexly layered and a tug between restless and collected!


“Arranging Shapes” remains at Futur:st, #5062 Guerrero Street, Poblacion, Makati.