Initiatives We Love: Piopio D.I.Y. Kits to Help the Weavers

Initiatives We Love: Piopio D.I.Y. Kits to Help the Weavers

Mynila Team April 5, 2020 Lifestyle

For the last 4 years PIOPIO mission has been to showcase and preserve Filipino weaving to ensure this tradition survives for future generations.

Today they face a different challenge which is ensuring the security and well-being of their weavers today and tomorrow.
This lockdown has brought the whole world to a halt and the weaving supply chain has come to a near complete stop. No one is creating, buying or selling and these weavers will now be months behind on work.

In PIOPIO efforts to support weaving communities during the lockdown they have created PIOPIO DIY kits – a little project that will help them in sending more relief packages of goods and vitamins to their weavers and their families.


The DIY kits include pieces fabric as well as a sewing kit with some tools to get you started on a fun craft project at home. For every kit sold you will directly sponsor a relief package.

They are also selling fabrics by the yard online should you wish to create something bigger (pillow cases, a quilt, clothing) Getting this inventory moving will allow PIOPIO to place a bulk order once the lockdown is lifted to ensure immediate work for these weavers.

You can find the kits and fabric online at