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Immerse yourself in “A Shaman’s Tale” through “The Life Drawing Session”

Immerse yourself in “A Shaman’s Tale” through “The Life Drawing Session”

Mynila Team November 9, 2018 Music & Culture

On the 7th edition of The Life Drawing Session, Pens N’ Brushes will bring you into a world of spiritual awareness. Join them on November 24th as they personify an ancient tribal persona: let this session’s tribal-inspired theme pique your creativity & curiosity and create awe-inspiring drawings using high-quality art materials from Faber-Castell Philippines!

Pens N’ Brushes aims to promote the local art scene through series of drawing and art-related sessions.
The group has successfully inspired virtuosos and amateur artists to further their skills in a fun, casual set-up.
Each art session is layered with a unique orchestration of tasteful entertainment, creative stage design, emotive poses and art product features. Pens N’ Brushes ventures to amplify the love of art in an open, free-spirited platform!

Whether you are a beginner or a pro you can join this fantastic Life Drawing Session!


Life Drawing is a session for creative minds to come together and explore their drawing skills and techniques. In this activity, nude models who are aptly suited for the selected theme will hold several poses for various time frames. These poses last from five to twenty minutes each; the participants can work on their drawings using the media of their choice, and like previous sessions, event partner, Faber-Castell Philippines, will provide top-notch art materials for everyone’s use.


This activity also proves to be a form of relaxation while enjoying the freedom of expression through art: experience a whole new realm of relaxation and peace, and find healing for the soul!



This session entitled, The Life Drawing Session – A Shaman’s Tale, personifies an ancient tribal persona. A Shaman is a person who is regarded to be deeply spiritual, and can access the world of both good and evil spirits. Typically seen in North Asia and North America, Shamans are sought after for spiritual cleansing, rituals for healing and finding peace.

In ancient native cultures, the mention of Shaman in postmodern times has nearly lost in translation. It may come to extinction to many, but its mysticism and primitive practice continue to some indigenous cultures and its provenance – some remain unknown, and only telltale accounts paint the picture in our minds.



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The events will take place at Pineapple Lab, located at 6053 R. Palma Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati City.