HUMI: Style & Substance

HUMI: Style & Substance

Najee Chua May 16, 2019 Lifestyle

HUMI is a brand shaping the Filipino slow movement with its line of quality, conscious, and local products. Founded by Kath Chan, HUMI propels fashion that does not kowtow to fast trends, but stands on the foundation of timeless style and substance.

Humi [ /hoo-mi/ ] comes from the Filipino word huminahon, which means “to calm down” or “to slow down”. This brand encourages mindfulness in all things — whether by purchasing some slow bags, traveling around a new place, or attending the hippest concerts. By being more mindful (even in the simple act of buying something), people can be more than just impulsive consumers, they can actually become contributors to a fairer, more loving world.

Humi answers the question of how to be a smarter consumer by providing ergonomic, elegant designs in high-value, lasting products. Their use of vegan leather, for example, means that no animal will ever have to suffer for your tote bag needs. It also means that their bags are made meticulously by hand, produced in smaller batches, and demonstrate excellent attention to detail. Though more time-intensive, these classic bags and staple accessories can be trusted to endure Manila’s tropical heat, make you look and feel good, and showcase the worthiness of Filipino craftsmanship.

As someone always on the look-out for superior local alternatives, the fact that Humi exists is a dream. By choosing to work exclusively with talented Filipino bag artisans, Humi doubles as a platform for workers to showcase their expertise and hone their craft, in addition to providing an opportunity for them to maintain a livelihood that recognizes their dignity. This is an attempt to do business the right way, and it isn’t easy in the midst of tight competition in the form of mass-produced bags by larger corporations (that, let’s be honest, are poorer in quality and have a considerably larger carbon footprint).


So the next time you make a purchase, consider where you are investing your money in and what that brand stands for. And think of all the local brands that are now available to set you in a better direction!

(Personally, I’ve been a staunch support of Humi from the very beginning, and I’d like to make a personal recommendation — the Luna Reversible bag deserves all the high fives! Mine is in Tan/Black, but isn’t the Moss Green/Taupe super cute, too?)


Follow them on social media for updates and details regarding the upcoming pop-up bazaar! Happy (mindful) shopping!


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