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Hot Hot Heat: Summer Noise 2019

Hot Hot Heat: Summer Noise 2019

Mayee Gonzales May 30, 2019 Music & Culture

I’ve been waiting, heck dreaming, of seeing Japanese Breakfast live. I followed her ever since I saw the video for “Everybody Wants to Love You”, ever since she released “Soft Sounds on Another Planet.” I connected to her music on a real personal level thanks to a common affiliation and a common grief. And there I was, a few months later, standing in the middle of a crowd watching Michelle Zauner live.

Hot. Hot. Hot!

So hot that there was a line for water and milk tea, that people were bringing out their pamaypays while watching their favorite bands. However, despite the weather, The Rest is Noise successfully amassed a crowd in Greenfield District for Summer Noise 2019.

The first half of the festival mostly featured local talent like Uprising, Shiela and the Insects, Cynthia Alexander, tide/edit and The Ringmaster, and She’s Only Sixteen. Cynthia Alexander, as always, was awesome. The multi-instrumentalist performed as if she never took a break. Another highlight was tide/edit and The Ringmaster who took the stage with Cheat’s Candy Gamos.


tide/edit and The Ringmaster with Candy Gamos

Manic Sheep from Taiwan and Sobs and Subsonic Eye from Singapore followed. The Rest is Noise is known for working with bands from the region so the diversity of the line-up wasn’t a surprise. Also worth mentioning was the group’s effort to make the event accessible to the deaf community. FSL interpreters were projected on the stage, translating every act’s performance.

The night’s final local act, UDD, gave every heartbroken Filipino a touching time, away yet closer to their feelings. Small stage or big stage, the band just always sounds great.


UDD. An FSL interpreter was projected on stage.

Jakob Ogawa was next, performing fan favorites “Sunshine Girl” and “All I Wanna Do”. Unfortunately, the Norwegian artist wasn’t able to make the most out of his stage time. His microphone had no sound on the first two songs of his set (which was a bummer) but Jakob went on like a true professional.

The night was getting deeper but the humidity wasn’t going anywhere. Turnover took over the stage. It was the band’s second time in the Philippines, the first performing in a small venue in Quezon City. Seeing Turnover live was amazing. Hearing Supernatural live was amazing. It was melancholic and was also the best transition to the next act that was Last Dinosaurs.

tide/edit and The Ringmaster with Candy Gamos


Last Dinosaurs was no doubt a crowd favorite. Everyone jumped and danced to their songs, especially when they played “Bass God”. Even I did. The band sounded fresh, guitars and drums were clean, and Sean Caskey, charming in his blonde hair, was too energetic it was contagious.


Last Dinosaurs

After almost seven hours in the heat, my feet tired from all the standing, Japanese Breakfast was finally onstage. Michelle started her forty-five minute set with “Diving Woman”. Initially dressed in a blazer, jbrekkie (for all you Instagram natives out there), looked cute in her pigtails and yellow eyeshadow. She played her new song “Essentially” and favorites like “The Body is a Blade” and “Road Head.”


Japanese Breakfast

Last in the line-up was Phum Viphurit. Coming from Indonesia, Phum closed Summer Noise with the perfect vibe. “Lover Boy” made the crowd go crazy, ending the night with smiles on their eyes.

Summer Noise 2019 was an experience. Kudos to the The Rest is Noise team. Here’s to having more music festivals in the Philippines.