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Fred Perry presents: Motorama (Russia) Live at Dulo Mnl!

Fred Perry presents: Motorama (Russia) Live at Dulo Mnl!

Mynila Team May 29, 2019 Music & Culture

Fred Perry is bringing in a Russian brand of post-punk sound to Manila: Motorama!

Formed in 2005, the band’s studio line-up is composed of Vlad Parshin, Irene Parshin and Maxim Polivanov. They’ve just released, Many Nights, last year, their latest in a string of five full albums in a span of eight years since their debut, Alps, came out in 2010.

Motorama’s music is heavily influenced by the post-punk sound of the early 80’s. Brooding and suddenly uplifting, it is somehow reflective of the dozy atmosphere of the port city of Rostov-on-Don where these rockers are based.

Draped in melancholia, Motorama’s songs are lifted by a steady breeze of bright pop melodies, something that Manila’s indie crowd should be excited about.

Listen Many Nights on Spotify:

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Cover photo by Alexey Trineev