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Flying House Restaurant – Your Next Favorite Hangout Place

Flying House Restaurant – Your Next Favorite Hangout Place

Mary Antonette Ramos June 30, 2018 Food & Drink

This underrated player in Teachers Village’s foodie scene will put any mood on a high!

Flying House Restaurant has everything we crave every single day! The best part? Everything on their
menu is really budget-friendly. After the first try, we can’t help but to make chilling out here a part of
our routine. The food is that good!

Let us introduce to you our current Flying House Restaurant favorites:

Chicken BBQ Quesadillas 


The chicken in BBQ sauce is stuffed in tortillas here. Its BBQ sauce is tasty enough to be a crowd pleaser.
The serving size is worth its price. Being this flavorful, we get much more than what we pay for.

Pizza Fries 


It looks like Flying House Restaurant truly wants us to forget our diet. Who would say no to Pizza Fries?! The mozzarella cheese on top makes us love this even more. So, fine. Goodbye for now, diet.

Mac and Cheese 


Any cheese lover would tag this place as the newest cheese heaven in the metro. This is definitely the
cheesiest Mac and Cheese we’ve ever seen. It is not only visually pleasing. Our taste buds terribly love it!
The serving is generous enough to make a really, really hungry person satisfied. Trust us when we say its
taste is not like any other Mac and Cheese out there.

Sisig Pizza 


This is not the very first Sisig Pizza we’ve heard of but this is a must-try! It will be okay to have high
hopes about this pizza. It will never disappoint. Just the right amount of spice is there. The pork chunks
on top are to die for. What we like more is its being light on the stomach. You’ll need a warning. It is
indeed addictive.

Southern Style Fried Chicken with Bacon Gravy


We don’t know about you but we can eat chicken for the rest of our lives! Just when we thought we
already know the best gravy in the metro, here comes a resto telling we don’t. We gave their gravy a try
and it felt like we’ve forgotten any gravy we knew. Why not? It’s bacon gravy! It tastes like legit bacon
and it perfectly complements the well-cooked chicken.

Spam Kilawin 


We are so sure you’ve never heard of this before. This is an original Flying House recipe! You might think
this is just Spam anyway and just see other items on the menu. Try it and you won’t see Spam the same
way you did before. No exaggerations! It is as yummy and flavorful as any Kilawin can get.

Can you keep a secret? We can’t. Flying House Restaurant has a secret item and we will spill it right now.
Here it is: Pancit Canton


It is their Secret Pancit Canton! You can check it out yourself. It’s not on their menu. Don’t be shy to
mention it to their staff and you’ll be in for a glorious treat! It can bring back the memories of our mom
cooking instant pancit canton for us after playing outdoors. But hey, this is not the typical instant pancit
canton. The taste goes beyond the taste buds. This is definitely Flying House’s best which is not on the
Flying House’s menu. LOL.

Before we forget, Flying House is not just a place for dinner but also a perfect inuman spot! Their beers
(that range from P50-P250) are guaranteed to be below zero. They also have originally crafted cocktails
that are worth every cent. The price range for these is P80-P180.

And oh, if you’re into the awesome Filipino bands, there’s a huge chance you’re also a fan of 8 Toleran.
We need to mention you might bump into him here at Flying House Restaurant. He is the owner!


Flying House Restaurant is at Malingap Corner Malumanay Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City.

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