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FLUIDO – A Collective Exhibition featuring Italian and Filipino Artists

FLUIDO – A Collective Exhibition featuring Italian and Filipino Artists

Mynila Team January 21, 2019 Music & Culture

Artinformal, in collaboration with Fusion Art Gallery / Inaudita (Turin, Italy), is pleased to present FLUIDO – A collective exhibition curated by Barbara Fragogna and Lui Medina, opening on Jan 31 2019 at the gallery’s Greenhills space.

Four Italian artists (Sebastiano Mortellaro, Davies Zambotti, Renzo Marasca, and Barbara Fragogna) and four Filipino artists (Lui Medina, Christina Quisumbing Ramilo, Dharma Bum, and Paulo Vinluan) will present works that contemplate on the question of ‘place.’

In a paradoxical world, where the terms liquidity, fluidity, exchange, travel, movement suggest a predominantly positive meaning, one can spot the doubt of constraint: should one start looking for the perfect place? Should we abandon the unwelcoming homeland? Should one cross the borders out of necessity?

The artists, as ambassadors of a universal desire, question themselves and give their answer by seeking feasible and non-utopian solutions, suggesting alternative ways and shaping, with their plastic intellect and through their own mediums, visions of the present as a base for an accessible future.

By combining the work of these eight artists coming from different paths, artistically and culturally, the exhibition in itself finds its fulfillment and completion in the “neutral” place of the gallery/project space.

FLUIDO is presented in partnership with the Philippine-Italian Association, the Italian
Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines, and Prestige Paper Products.

About the Curators

Barbara Fragogna is a multidisciplinary artist, art director, and publisher. Currently based in Turin, Italy she has exhibited in galleries and institutions in Italy and abroad.
She worked as art director of KH Tacheles from 2008 to 2012, in 2013 she founded the independent publishing house Edizioni Inaudite, and in 2015 she became the director of the Fusion Art Gallery / Inaudita project in Turin. Intrinsic in her artistic practice is her investigations of the themes of productive failure such as irony, anxiety, the sense of ridicule, nausea, individualism, non-democratic confrontation, obsession, patriarchy, the defeat of memory, the re-dimension of the ego, the absurd and the paradox through the artistic practice as a useless but necessary action.

Lui Medina continues to interrogate form and figure in her latest works using landscapes as framework and not just as subject matter. From geologic to geographical forms, her works explore the plasticity of topographies and how expanses can become isolated parcels, islands into sprawls, landscapes without landmarks, mainly with the use of graphite. This interest in shapes and the organic has in turn also shaped the canvases and materials that she uses for her drawings and paintings.

Her recent exhibitions include ‘Where does landscape begin?‘ (2016) and an eponymous exhibition in 2014 both at Artinformal, and ‘Metamorphic Histories‘ (2013) at Vargas Museum. She has been part of exhibitions at the Langgeng Art Foundation in Jogjakarta (2017), Mind Set Art Center in Taipei (2016), and Equator Art Projects in Singapore (2015). In 2018, she was artist-in-residence at Fusion Art Gallery / Inaudita in Turin, Italy.

About the Artists

Christina Quisumbing Ramilo examines and reimagines objects and surfaces through a sensitive approach to material and site specificity. Her artistic practice shows a profound interest in the life and history of objects and centers on interventions that reconfigure, transform, or give new life to existing forms. She has exhibited in galleries in Manila and elsewhere. She has recently done special projects as artist-in-residence at Langgeng Art Foundation (Yogyakarta, 2016), TAKSU (Kuala Lumpur, 2017), and the Taiwan East Coast Land Art Festival (Taitung, 2017).

Dharma Bum lives and works in the Philippines.

Paulo Vinluan was born in New York and raised in the Philippines. He studied painting at the University of the Philippines, graduating with honors. He took further studies in art at the Pratt Institute in New York. Since 2002, he has been showing in galleries in Asia, Europe, and the US. He lives and works between Brooklyn and Manila.

Davies Zambotti is a director and a photographer who has worked on many film sets, including ‘Sorelle Mai’ by Marco Bellocchio, ‘I Galantuomini’ by Edoardo Winspeare, and ‘The International’ by Tomy Tykwer. Through her personal work, she researches and analyzes the ‘impossibility of human certainty.’ Using video and photography as a
microscope/lens she observes the shadows between the interstices of everyday life. She works between Turin, Milan, and Venice.

Sebastiano Mortellaro lives between Torino and Siracusa. He obtained his school-leaving certificate at the Art Institute of Siracusa, and after attending for two years for a course in Painting led by Alberto Garutti at the Brera Art Academy in Milan, he obtained the degree in painting at the Fine Arts Academy ‘Mario Minniti’ in Siracusa
with the artist Alfredo Romano. Since November 2008 he has been included in S.A.C.S archives of Palazzo Belmonte Riso, a museum of contemporary art for Sicily.

Renzo Marasca lives and works in Lisbon. Marasca is a multi-award winning artist, namely noted for winning the Premio ORA Award (2013), the Celeste Prize (2008) and the Morlotti Prize (2004). His most recent solo exhibitions, Allegria (2018) and Meorie Della Marca –On 1968– (2018) focus on his discussions of the personal, in the form of
memories and the imagination.


Jan 31 2019 – Feb 28 2019
277 Connecticut St., Greenhills
Jan 31 2019, 6PM
For more information, contact:
+63 917 897 6691,