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Ticket Customers

How can I pay for my tickets?

You can purchase tickets through our website, we accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard

What is the Mynila booking fee?

The Mynila fee covers the costs of processing your order and delivering the tickets to you. Mynila offers a valuable service for event attendees, event managers and venues, and relies on revenue from fees to pay for all the costs associated with this service, web hosting, ticketing hardware, customer support, training, computer hardware and more.

Our booking fees are a flat rate unlike the industry average of high percentage commission for both seller and purchaser, and we make sure to transparently outline all necessary fees during the purchase for each event.

Why was my purchase unsuccessful?

Here are some possible explanations for why your purchase was unsuccessful

  • You entered the incorrect card details (e.g. card number or expiry date)
  • You entered an incorrect security code/CVV
  • The billing address you provided does not match the bank has registered for the card you used
  • You have insufficient funds in your account
  • Your bank may be blocking any transaction through Mynila, please contact your bank.
  • An incorrect password was given at the 3D verification by Visa.

Where can I find my tickets?

If you have purchased a ticket from Mynila you will receive a confirmation email sent once purchase is successful. You can also access your upcoming event tickets in the  “My Tickets” tab on your user dropdown menu.

Should I buy a Mynila ticket from someone else?

Please only buy tickets directly from Mynila. Event manager policies usually prohibit the re-selling and transferring of tickets. If any queries please get in touch directly with the event organiser.

Arriving at the event

Please ensure when arriving at the venue that your ticket is clearly displayed, either on your phone or as a printed ticket. Be aware that venues or promoters may require proof of identity on arrival.

Can I get a refund?

Event policies normally do not allow refunds unless the event is cancelled or postponed. (This policy is set by event organisers from each event, so you can check their policy) If you have a refund request you can find the event organisers contact details on their company profile and send the inquiry. All refunds unless event cancelled or postponed is down to the organisers discretion.


Do I have to pay anything to get stared?

No, Mynila is 100% free for event promoters. No start up fees, monthly payments or hidden costs. Our service fee is added on top of the tickets face value and the payment processing fees gets deducted from your PayPal account.

How do I make sure I get my money?

On your event manager dashboard there is a “Payout Method” section to add your PayPal account details. Please make sure you have a premium or business account. Ticket sales will be received directly to your account after every sale. Once first ticket has been sold you will not be able to change your Payout account.

Can I have a feature or write up on Mynila?

Mynila is a multifaceted media and ticketing outlet, we offer a range of promotion and sponsorship channels for our ticketing partners. From articles, videos, featured web spaces, social media etc. We offer the 360 degrees platform and have a bustling audience that can be beneficial to your ticket sales.

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